by K.G. Justin de Silva

A Preface

This book is a result of my search of the Universal Truth.

Since I was in High School , at the age of eighteen, I was reading and studying seriously to this effect. Finally it was at the age of 36 I realized the reason to satisfy myself, while living in the South Pacific in a Multicultural and Multi religious society, thankfully for many dialogues that I had with known and unknown people.

My personal question boiling down to “ Why am I on this earth, and what is my duty on this earth”, I found the simple and single answer, that I along with all other beings , are here on this earth in order to manifest energy, for the Universal balance of all spatial objects, by saving the earth, as if the earth cracks and falls in to pieces, then the Solar system too will get disturbed and that will be the start of a total disturbance of the whole universe, turning in to a whole chaos of the universe.

Directing my vision in to the noble vision of Lord Buddha , who explained to the Deva Rohitassa, that we can see the Universe within ourselves from within, as mind and Matter (Nama – Rupa), I realized that we beings are small units of the universe, shattering my ego. I also realized that I along with other beings is a part and parcel of the Biosphere on this earth, with resources of oxygen and food for nutrition to be shared mutually. We are also a formation of nature.

As such we cannot claim ownership for shelter, food or oxygen & unpolluted air and other living resources as we are being born to this earth without any such claim. We are in a sea of resources to live by sharing them mutually.

The code of ethics for such sharing of resources is laid in the Bible , quran , Hindu texts and Buddhism. To my satisfaction I found that the texts of Abidhamma from Buddhism explained matter that our physique is made as Apo, Tejo, Vayo, Patavi & Akasa, and our mind too is explained in Abhidamma as Nama. Buddhism explained ourselves as a conglomeration of five sensual faculties along with the mind unit and life energy faculty, better called as Nama, Rupa and Jivitendriya.

I understood that the explanation of Father, son and holy ghost is another area to explain this tri partite of beings.

While understanding that our duty on this earth is to sustain the good living conditions of all other beings , along with the sustenance and protection of the earth, solar system and the universe. The path of living unto this effect is well explained in religions such as Five precepts of Buddhism extending on to further disciplines covered by priests , and Christianity by ten commandments along with the quran. Hinduism explains living un to these expectations by yogic living explained by Hatha yoga, Bhakthi yoga, Gnana (Wisdom) yoga with many other yogas.

In the First sermon of Lord Buddha the Law of impermanence , which is highly scientific , was explained. The impact of the law of impermanence on the mind and matter which beings are formed along with its effects on the earth and the universe are well explained in this sermon called the Dhamma chakka Pavatthana Sutra, and it is left to the reader to sink in to its readings.

The resources of the world are misused as the human beings are misusing there five faculties of Form (sight), hearing (sound), speaking, touch or taste and smelling (aroma) for sensual enjoyment, while they have misunderstood the purpose of living.

However I should say, transcendental meditation or insight meditation (Vipassana Bhavana) is a must if one wants to reach the universal truth.

The following chapters in this Book are the areas that I used from academic & professional studies which helped in understanding the Universal truth.  

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