by K.G. Justin de Silva

A preamble

I wrote this book before the year of 2000. Since then I followed and read Buddhism to further the concepts that I had in my mind which appears in this book. I wish to add the following basic ideas.

Base on Anatta Lakkhana Sutta ( SN 22.59) The discourse on Not self Characteristics, that beings are a process of the universe, with humans tied up to the earth. Lord Budda dissected a being in to two aspects as Nama-Rupa . Nama the mind which is unseen by the eye, and rupa the form which can be seen with the eye. Nama that constitutes the mind energy with vingnana is like , is identified to act with consciousness. The 6 senses which acts through eyes, nose, tongue, ears , skin and mind (brain) is active only with consciousness. Consciousness is a much researched form of energy with no definite answer in science. Yet Lord Buddha in vinnana sutta explains that consciousness cognites with the activation of salayatana or the six senses, out of which manedriya is beyond our physical sense.

Lord Budda in his teachings concentrated in explaining that nama-rupa is followed with contact of outside phenomena from the external objects to the physical body, conditioning desires )Tanha), followed by greed helping in continuation of further conditions to promote a being (Jati) which manifests energy , explained as Jara Marana.(Jara meaning rotting and marana meaning death). It is in the word of Buddhism dependant co origination or Paticca samuppada.Jati arising from the birth of a person, during a life time, keeps on eating nutrition (foods) nurturing the physical body which breaks down and digests the food, and excretes various salts , gasses, precipitations of chemicals and chemical gasses to the external environment.

Such excreted physical and chemical componenets are extremely useful for the earth and for bio diversity which I have referred to ten points made by Vladimir Vernadski, the geo scientists from Russia.

It is this manifestation of energy that is mostly useful in maintaining the stability of the earth and hence the solar system extending to the universe.

Lord Buddha refers to Sammuti sacca which is the earths components which we see as earth (soil), water , trees, and our own physical form and other material forms.

Yet in another sutta by Lord Buddha, mentioned to be the highest truth or ultimates of the universe. One has to develop an insight (pragna or wisdomt in to this truth.

The way to develop this insight has been mentioned in this book as arya eight fold path (in a chapter).

I have given space to Astronomy in this book, as in fact it is Astronomy that can explain Anitya (anicca) or impermanence referred to in in Buddhsim. Astronomy explains that the earth, solar system and even the rest of the universe is in constant moment to moment change by a system of rotations. We little realize that we are part and parcel of the moment to moment changes involved in astronomy unless a concentrated thought is developed to understand.

By studying the principles shown in the following chapter of Astronomy one realize the importance of astronomical movements, in realizing Anitya, Dukka and Anatma. Dukkha in fact is the emotional changes of a being as a result of anitya or impermanence. (Perhaps astrology is a study of Dukka as a result of moment to moment changes refererd as planetary movements as researched by rishis)

When I was investigating the purpose of life the theistic religions summarily explained it as to serve God.: Psalm 57.2 says

“ I cry out to God Most high, to God who fulfils his purpose for me.’

His purpose it is said by David as per Psalm 63;7 for you have been my help, and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy” . To me, here it talks of Joy, me and God without a clear explanation.

As explained in Hinduism , the meaning (purpose) of life is: To Achieve Darma, Artha , Kama & Moksha.(Dharma means acting virtuously & righteously, Artha is meaningfully in serving paying debts to God, and Kama is enjoyment. With the two ideologies that Human soul is a creation of Brahman , the hindu almighty, humans are expected to serve God worshipping him.

Buddhism explain the existence of beings four noble truths Explained on the basis of suffering. Buddhsim also does not explain (to me) a direct purpose of life, but it explains the four noble truths as suffering, cause of suffering, cessation of suffering and the way for cessation of suffering. However in pursuing to understand these four noble truths, I came across Paticca samuppada, which explains the cause and effect theory in relation to life of beings ( not only humans but also animals, and gods along with lives of beings which cannot be seen with human eyes).

As the purpose of life needs to be understood with a view to serve life meaningfully, I pursued religious beliefs for a number of years, until I came across, the findings of Russian mineralogist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadski. He explained the relationship between living beings of this earth and the biodiversity of the earth. Though his findings were not religious based, I could easily fit it ethically with Paticca Samuppada (SN12.2) which explains the second noble truth explained by Lord Buddha. It is also an explanation of cause and effect in the life of beings, that is accepted by the whole world.

Further I was whelmed by a fact that the universe changed it’s course of movements after the so called big bang or a similar change. I learnt from Agganna Sutta that our evolution and devolution of environment began after a conditional change occurred for beings to exist on this earth.

I also was with a personnel opinion that the universe before the big-bang existed in an undisturbed uniform manner, a state of cooling, without galaxies, planets and a milky way, but with a smooth rotating form of energy. I could not find a way to forward this as my belief on it could not be scientifically explained. However quite recently I came across the name of David Layzer, who explains that the universe had been in a state of equilibrium before it was de-stabilised departing from its equilibrium despite the second law of thermodynamics..

David Layzer says that : Standard accounts of the early universe assume that at the earliest times when current theories of elementary particles apply, the cosmic medium was a uniform , uniformly expanding gas containing “ a great variety of particles in Thermal equilibrium …” (Steven Weinburgh,Cosmology and gravitation)

While now I wish to drift away from such sciences, I shall only wish to state that, we can only get back to the original undisturbed form of the universe only by cultivating perfect morals. We are tainted by getting in to the past perfect form of the universe because of desires from perceptions.

The path to get back is only Arya ashatanga margaya as explained by Lord Buddha in the fourth noble truth. Second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time and is constant if and only if all processes are reversible

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