by K.G. Justin de Silva

Astronomy per Buddhism

Lord Buddha based the principles of Buddhism on Anitya. To

Say that all what we experience with our five senses are impermanent. This impermanence really means that all what we perceive are changing momentarily,

All that we sense in our mind and physically change momentarily. This change is a conversion but not an annihilation.

First the change is through out time.

Secondly these changes are influenced by other elements of the universe or the planetary systems as an interdependent system. Thus this impermanence is a system of interdependence which we can see with our solar system.

Through time and space our earth rotates, set by rules that the science of astronomy has identified, say as rotations and then gravitations. Therefore I wish to discuss astronomy to say that Anitya is a means of manifestation of energy, The rules of these manifestations too are rules of interdependence as is evident in Astronomy leading to Cosmology.

A further investigation of Agganna sutta will reveal the truth that time and space with the acivitites of mind as Greed results in the process of evolution. The stress caused by the mind to stop the momentary change ( say towards illusionised happiness) causes a stress which the Lord Buddha called Dukkha.

Moha is the mental state of illusion where one does not understand the reasons for Dukkha, stress or Grief or unhappiness. As long as one is tied up with Tanha or greed to this so called sensual pleasures that changes with momentary changes in a rotating world there is no escape from these illusions,

Therefore our existence means that we are an inseparable part of this planet (materially), motivated by our mind.

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