by K.G. Justin de Silva

Planet earth and beings

The beautiful green pastures, and the streams with its scenic waterfalls are always admired by poets., writers and the ordinary people. How many of us have given a real thought to our relationship to these scenic values of the earth. Have we ever felt that the birds and animals valued for its beauty, and more often wrongly valued for the taste of flesh , are in relationship with our own existence.

To understand and value the fauna and flora of the earth it is essential to glimpse into their past at least in common. As these are all part and parcel of the earth, let us begin with the origin of the earth. Various schools of scientists argue regarding the origin of the earth. One school of scientists believes in a ‘big bang theory’ which states that the earth evolved from the sudden explosion of a big mass of matter where sun is also a portion of this episode. The other schools of scientists believe that the earth evolved by a result of collection of many particles of dust which later solidified. However the evidence from recent experiments, done with lunar matter brought from the moon shows similarity of soils in their age, which is nearly 4.5 billion years.

4.5 billion years ago the sunlight in its raw form fell on the earth, so that the earth received ultra violet rays with cosmic radiation. The first chemical formations of the earth crust were effected by ultra violet rays. As time passed, the ionosphere , stratosphere and the troposphere were formed by nature. The ionosphere now protects the earth from cosmic radiations and ultra violet rays from the sun. At the same time the other two spheres protects much of the earth’s energy from escaping out from the earth, to the outer space. Formation of such spheres as well as the cooling of the earth’s crust were events which involved many millions of years of evolution. All these were effects of a process of metamorphosis towards a geological stability. As the Russian scientist and biologist Minerologist ,Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945) had observed after many trying observations. The same inorganic chemicals that existed at the beginning of the earth’s evolution still remains.

As the troposphere formed with the cooling of the earth’s mass , chemical reactions took place and as a result steam enveloped the earth., thus forming first water particles of the stratosphere. (Nasa has researched evidence). It is this water vapour that later formed the seas1 on the earth. It is believed by scientists that the first organisms were formed within the water vapour particles thus formed. As the seas formed on the earth, the marine forms of life evolved. Then these marine lives later developed in stages adapted to live as terrestrial beings. The first forms of terrestrial organisms are found to be the specie of Dinosaur. They could live in water as well as on the earth. As time passed by, the types of Dynosaur developed to be smaller sized varieties and adapted to live with the environmental changes. But after many long years of existence the Dinosaur became extinct. A contemporary of Dinosaur , by the name pantothere , only four inches in size, still exists. The soviet scientist palaenthologist L.L.Tatarinov had expressed the idea that the evolution of the mammals resulted in the extinction of Dinosaur. We today observe that large animals such as wales and elephants are slowly getting extinct . Clearly the cause is unsuitable environment. The environment formed keeps changing to suit the stability of the earth.

The human beings are a species of beings with the gift of intelligence 9wisdom), while the other types of beings other than humans are gifted with sensual faculties for existence. Out of all types of beings, humans had overcome the barriers of existence, because of its intelligence. The theory of Charles Darwin explains that humans have developed to be the most intelligent.

Formation of the seas and the earth had taken 4000 to 5000 million years and this period is known as the oceanic age.

The human beings are gifted with intelligence to escape from all effects of environmental changes such as rain, wind, gales along with cold and heat. These natural environmental changes are all effects to protect the stability of the earths crust. Thus nature looks after both the planet’s structure and the beings who provide the chemical changes as required by the earth. We cannot deny the truth of the findings of the Russian scientist Nerbadsky , who listed the following functions from his findings. The organic beings provide the following services for the earth:

  1. Gaseous functions (Production of N2, O2, CO2 , CH4, H2, NH3, ,H2S)
  2. Oxygen functions
  3. Oxidising functions
  4. Calcium functions
  5. Reducing complex combinations to their pure forms.
  6. Accumulating dispersed chemicals.
  7. Combustion to liberate H2O, CO2, & N2.
  8. Function o reducing organic compounds.
  9. Metabolism and respiration.
  10. Migration of Organic Compounds.

As required by nature for its functions, all beings consist of a spiritual form with a physical form (Nama rupa) . The standard and quality of the spiritual form decides the shape and size of the physical form.( This is a matter to be understood with higher understanding or higher wisdom)

Science has revealed the detailed aspects of physical nature of all organisms. Unfortunately , modern science is still in its infancy if it is to answer the question of revealing the nature of the spiritual form of a being.

Modern science can easily demonstrate that, the earth and the physical body of the being comprises of the same elements (chemicals) and the physical properties too are the same. This was revealed without any scientific instruments by Lord Buddha over 2500 years. Lord Buddha detailed that both the beings and the earth comprise of same elements and same elementary qualities of matter which he termed APO, TEJO, Vayo, PATAVI, and AKASA.

In modern physics these are identified as :

Apo:Cohesion (wind)
Tejo:Radiation (Heat element)
Vayo:Vibration (fluidity)
Patavi:inertia (Hardness)

How true and provable it is, and this fact is not questionable too. Is it not worth then to ponder into the wisdom of Lord Buddha , and study these details in depth, along with his explanation of the spiritual form within the being. Lord Buddha named the physical part of the being as “ RUPA” and the spiritual form or the mentalities as “NAMA’. These details are expounded in Abhidamma of Budhism translated as Metaphysics of Buddhism. It was revealed as is necessary to explain the method of salvation from suffering of beings.

The existence of a mind and its control over the physical body, is proved beyond doubt in medicine, when meditation is used as a therapy to to cure diseases such as hypertention, insomnia, and skin diseases, etc. Psychosomatism, telepathy, demonstrations of control of vital points in the body in martial arts are practical areas in identifying the presence of a mind , controlling the physiological functions of beings. The relationship of the man and some animals is a pure example that the mind is the tool which connects the relationship.

The acceptance of a mind in beings by scientists is made aware by the fact that there are thousands of books written by scientists, exposing this fact. (Dr Carl S Jung is such a great scientist). ESP and also Brain and mind are connected in the international studies linking philosophy and scientific studies.

In a book “Neuro Physiological basis of Mind “ by Professor Sir John Eccless, an eminent neurologist states that …… “The structure of the brain suggests that it is the sort of machine which a ghost might operate. Here the word Ghost indicates a form of energy that cannot be identified with a scientific apparatus. There is anyway strong evidence to believe , that the agent that activates the brain is the mind. ( however although the brain is visible the mind is not. But the activities of the mind can be felt).

The statement in the Buddhist texts ´Cetanaham Bikave Kammam vadami” too suggests , that there is an agent which activates the brain that gives rise to “Cetana” meaning volition., that is common to all persons. The agent that controls the brain in forming thoughts is the mind. Upto date no scientist has been able to locate the mind base within the body. As that most of the spiritualists have accepted the existence of a mind in the body, it explains that mind is the spiritual link of the beings in this universe. Buddhism has never hesitated to forward the idea of existence of a mind , and its association with objects beyond the physical body , which is linked to it. The connection of the mind and thought, forms another type of energy called “Vignana”, which is another important fact that links spirituality.

(Vignana (Consciousness) is well explained in Buddhism , but is difficult to understand, without an effort)

If we also turn to Hindu Philosophy, and their version of mind, one will see ample opportunities to explore that the mind and the brain are linked. However it is not my desire to discuss ‘mind”; any further, but only desire to show that mind is an important subject and an object in linking the spiritual nature of the earth and the universe, hence linking the beings. I am convinced that the beings are associated with an unseen part or organ (a form of energy) called the mind., which is al the more important , than the physical form of the being.

It is hence my desire to investigate as to how much this unseen part “MIND” is associated with the activities of the earth and the universe.

(I believe that the artists in the olden days , drew a halo around the head of prophets, which indicates a developed mind in the Prophet. More than the artist present day science with vibrations from the brain explains how beta and gamma rays behave with the possibility of seeing it on a film)

With earths orbit the marked E1,E2,E3, quarters marked E1,E2,E3,E4 a equal in area, whi are equal in area with varying S speed along the trajectory for compensation

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