by K.G. Justin de Silva

Nature, Mind and Forces

To start with, this chapter , I wish to turn to Professor Sir John Eccles , an emminent neurologist: who writes that the strucuture of the brain suggests , that it is the sort of machine which a ghost might operate. in his book “ Neuro Psychological basis of mind”. (Here the word Ghost indicates an agent wlhich cannot be identified by any scientific apparatus). There are many other books on this subject such as ‘the brain and mind etc. in the international library of philosophy and scientific methods in London.

We all know, by mere experience that there are unidentified agents within ourselves which guide us towards right or wrong actions. One such agent could be identified as the" mind”. The occurrences owing to telepathy, hypnotism, are media of identifying the mind and its forces.

Telepathy is proved to be an ideal mind linking exercise. This was proved when the Russian astronauts linked their thoughts with personnel on the earth , during a space mission. It proves that our brain possesses the power of transmitting and receiving signals similar to the radios or electronic media apparatus.

It is also well known , that mass prayers along with individual concentration, with a purpose to cure or heal one’s own self or another is an effective way to cure sicknesses. This method is is known as Psychosomatism. However the latest news from medical world informs us that meditation has been accepted a valuable clinical therapy in treating hypertension , heart attacks, and body pains and aches. It is a good news that science has accepted the influence of the mind on the physical body. ( Lord Buddha had explained this fact to the world 2500 years ago) Buddhist texts refer to the story of Angulimala thero , reciting Angulimala Piritha, to reduce child birth, a mind soothing stanza.

Regarding the mind Buddha had stated,

  1. Mind not only makes a person sick , it also cures.
  2. Those who always dwell in mindfulness, observing the measure of food they eat , find that their discomfort grows less.

Recent scientific studies has shown , that by controlling the mind with meditation the following bodily functions are observed.:

  1. Heart beat decreased and the blood pressure was Lowered
  2. Metabolic Rate decreased.
  3. Consumption of oxygen decreased and also elimination of Carbon Dioxode decreased.

Energy and the Mind

The universities of the western world are also busy today , in trying to bring in the subject of mind into the world of science ,in an approved manner. Para psychology and extra sensory power (ESP) together wih Psycho kinesis have become familiar subjects , in this field of study as far back in 1974 in the readers digest (April) , an article describes the effort of scientists in trying to establish the subject of “mind”. By going in to para psychology. The article clearly describes how eminent scientist Hans Bender from Germany witnessed and investigated the involvements of human personnel during certain abnormal events of movement of solid objects , without manual involvement . the article was named “Science probes the mystery of PK” . The article clearly shows how eminent scientists witnessed , in investigation , psychological forces within humans though unseen by naked eyes, being applied to move solid objects, and also in unscrewing mass weights by a mere look of a person who was gifted with extra sensory powers. The article also explained , how an electronically operated coin flipper, was affected in its movements by persons having PK power.

(Psycho Kinesis is not fully accepted by Modern Science , but is still under investigation).

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