by K.G. Justin de Silva

Thoughts and the forces of Nature

If we consider our physiology , we possess a set of nose, eyes, a mouth, ears, limbs and the rest of the body.

With the eyes we receive light signals in to our brain.

With the ears we receive sound signals into our brain.

With the nose we receive signals of chemicals present in matter .

With the mouth , using the tongue, we receive signals of chemicals, as taste in foods we eat.

With the body we also receive signals of physical qualities , as tactile sensation (smooth & rough) , with signals received in the brain.

All the above signals received in the brain, through the five sense organs, are sorted out, by the mind . The mind which is only a form of energy, that has no shape and is not visible, acts as an organ, in sorting out the external objects, that links with us . The mind , from the signals we have received along with its past experience will suggest, what this object is, and the form of this object ,with the effect and uses. Along with this identification the mind also can suggest, our volition in using this object .(Eg : A mango is identified by the mind and a thought will arise of eating it.

Our nervous system with the help of the brain and the mind, sorts out the signals, in order to guide us to select the foods that we eat, the dresses that we wear, and the selection of our environment to suit our comforts and safety. In these events. Mind uses much of its past experiences. and communication with other beings, also occur with these.

A mother identifies the need of the baby, by a mere feeling (Vedana), which is directly linked with the mind. A dog identifies the need of its master, although they have no communication other than the mind. Animals and birds etc. senses dangers well before the danger takes place. These are only a very few examples of the activities of the mind connected with the brain.

(May I refer to the quote of the Lord Buddha , referring to mind which is:

The mind has no form, it is a loner, and travels far and wide dwelling in a cave. (the cave is our body)

Hence we must be able to suggest that the mind is a type of energy, that has no form, and it is only energy which is like radio signals which can reach far and wide at an extremely short time. I would now without fear say MIND is a form of energy. Mind is the agent in us that is responsible for awareness and telepathic action in people.

Jesus Christ has tamed the sea during a storm. This by using his mind power. Lord Buddha too has during his first week , after attaining enlightenment , floated his bowl used for meals, uphill of a stream by concentrated thoughts.Lord Buddha tamed demons with his mind energy (Dyana).

In the recent past Sai Baba (India) showed this skill of using thoughts and the mind to create matter, to give to followers, for eg Ash from nowhere ,or a coin from nowhere.

Martial artists have used the concentration of thought to strengthen the limbs in breaking ice cubes, bricks or to bend steel.

Similar observations from the world is available to show that the mind related thoughts can create a force. But would you believe , that mass rituals addressing , the nature has created rain during droughts. With this experience , sun worship , began with the Aryans and later with red Indians and also Egyptians,

Not only during the time of Jesus and lord Buddha, even now , there are instances, where good behavior helps to experience good weather, and noble morals help to regulate the weather patterns for good.

If you may just try to observe the life patterns, of people where natural disasters of weather has occurred. The mass thoughts of people in relationship with the said Kusala mula thoughts have helped good weather patterns, and mass thoughts of people with thoughts with akusala mula, have had to face severe weather conditions. The ozone layer is destroyed as a result of usage of utensils (eg; fridges and burning of polythene ) towards satisfying selfish cravings. The result of such activities have resulted in a green house effect thus destryimg the environment.

This is owing to the fact thoughts and the nature are connected as a force.

The question arises whether the force arises from thoughts or the mind. Thoughts have been observed as waves arising in the brain. Brain waves have been detected as alpha or beta waves , from instruments , during meditation of people.

But it can be realized as mind is the organ which directs the thoughts , the force arises from a coordinated activity of the brain (thoughts) and the mind. The mind sorts out the external signals received in the brain through the sense doors, and directs the brain to form brain waves, with a motivation. The results of such action of the mind can either be positive, negative or neutral.

The karmic effect (cause and effect of actions) is a result of the force arising from the coordinated activity of mind and brain (thought.) Though there are no instruments to gauge Karmic forces, observation of results of karma , proves that karma is provable.

We can now infer that , Karma isa force, and through the , action of masses, the effect of Karma is felt by the environment too. The Hindus in the past attributed environmental effects to various gods. For example the Deity of fire and heat is named “AGNI” and the deity of rain and thunderstorm is “INDRA”, the Deity of Air “VAYU”. The sun too is named as a god when it comes to environment and its effects. The link of humans to these Gods (Deities) are reflected through chakra, located in the human system, and positive links with these geities can be developed through yoga and meditaton, related to Chakras. (It is a special study, which needs a study of Hindu philosophy) It explains the forces of nature, and its relationship with the humans.

Aryans from the history, too have identified that mind -thought related action , have effects on the environment , when it comes to agriculture.

Whether it is History, or the world of today, events from the environmental changes, and living patterns, if analysed , can prove that the living patterns of people can have positive or negative effects, as the noble or evil thoughts can have its effects on the environment.

It is left to us to save the earth environmentally and otherwise, by identifying our thoughts, as to whether we are using our sensual desires properly. If we identify that we humans are a machine, then let us , treat this machine only to sustain , until it is naturally destroyed by death. This machine is an entity , created by nature, to fulfill the requirement of manifestation of energy.(See ten points of Nerbadsky also). If we maintain the fact that in order to maintain this machine of “Humans” Then feed the machine with , necessary nutrition only. (Eating for the sake of satisfying , the taste, will not fulfill the above requirement.

Alcohol is an element , which destroys , the system. Sex is a consolidation of five senses for the requirement of reproduction so that the beings are never annihailated in the system of ecology. It is a sensation gifted by nature, but not for mere sensual enjoyment.

Actions of this machine, should only be to help , all other sentient beings, by way of words, and sight, and smell. Killing, stealing, wrong sexual conduct, are all against the proper use of the machine.

A natural force , called Karma, will either reward the proper maintenance of this machines and the vice versa will occur.

With Mind and thoughts, the creator of Karma, it is evident you are responsible for your Karma, and no one else.

I t is to explain that Lord Buddha recited,

“Atthahi Attha no natho, “

You are responsible for your own salvation.
Or May I interpret it as “you are your own force and how this force is used for your well being is your own responsibility”

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