by K.G. Justin de Silva


Astronomers such as Cavendish ,Kepler, Galileo along with modern space astronomy, has provided us with clear and sufficient data , to prove that the whole universe lies on a single system of equilibrium, which acts on all heavenly bodies on a basis of relativity.

The equilibrium of the earth as a mass by itself is an important criteria , in the maintenance and sustenance of the universal equilibrium. Thus the universal equilibrium is maintained by certain methods and events localized, relative to earth within he planetary system and terrestrially.

One of the major components in the maintenance of the terrestrial equilibrium is the “life energy”. All organic beings are attached to the earth by two systems of forces. One of these is the force of gravity, that we all know and the other is the still undetected by science. But this second energy is felt through , Karmic action, (cause and effect related to beings), identified through cravings over sensual desires. Craving always act on the mental components of a being while gravity acts, on the physical components of the same being.

Suffering is the result of the action resulting from cravings.

Suffering and cravings are both mental or psychological components. Buddhism has provided, us with an explanation, and an answer, to the riddle of ‘escape from suffering” and that is noble living. The noble eightfold path of living

Such as:

Right understandingSamma ditthi
Right ThoughtSamma sankappa
Right speechSamma Vacha
Right action Samma vaya
Right livelihoodSamma Ajiva
Right effortSamma vayama
Right mindfulnessSamma Sathi
Right concentrationSamma Samadhi

(Another simple way of understanding eightfold path : Before you act verbally or physically, it is always after an intention. Once the act or intention appears one can imagine whether my act will be of benefit to me or any other being with a kind heart. This benefit could be worldly or spiritual.)

The above mentioned eight fold path, based on Kusala mula will overcome the forces of Akusala Mula and will lead beings through the stages of Sovan, Anagami, sakadagami and attain Nirvana.

Nirvana is a mental state of vanished craving also known as unbounded states.

May all beings achieve freedom from suffering.

( A cosmic religion means , the relationship between morals and the cosmos- where Nirvana (Buddhism), or the Paramatma (Hinduism) or the kingdom of God (Theistic religions) is that ultimate mental state a human can achieve to liberate from suffering)

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A key point in relationship between earth and beings in writing this book has been achieved by reading the works of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadski who has done so much research on Minerology,and Geology.

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