by K.G. Justin de Silva

(Global climatic change per Buddha dharma)

Per Buddha Darma



This book is dedicated to my parents and teachers who opened my eyes to see this world.


It was a few years ago that I gained the idea of writing this book on seeing the climatic changes of the world and its connection with Buddhism as explained with Buddhist philosophy. Lord Budda has exclusively referred to climatic change with his sutra desana named Vasetta sutta and Agganna Sutta.

Agganna sutta explains the changes that is made since the beginning of this earth with evolution of all beings and humans while it explains that the change from bad to worse occurred with the worsening of diffused minds of humans terming this diffusion as Lobha (greed), Dvesha (hatred) and Moha (foolishness , character affliction of mind or diffusion of mind).

It could be observed that in the past calamities and catastrophies on the earth along with disasters such as loss of the Mohendajaro dynasty had occurred by selfish acts of desires of the humans during those times.

As of today we can observe the effects of industrialization since the French revolution since 1760. The effects of industrial revolution was mostly seen in America, United Kingdom, and a few European countries. As a need of Industry heavy manufacture of Ships, air crafts and vehicles along with items to cater for human luxury was developed.

This resulted in mining of coal, petroleum sources and other minerals from underground while transforming them to steel and energy sources. Petroleum liquids and various categories of carbon emitting items that resulted in poisoning the environment was the result.

Such environmental changes that has taken a bad to worse effect on climatic changes need no other explanation as observed today in 2020 which are:

In USA : wild fires in Los angles, California, along with Texas wild fires (2011), Oklahoma wid fires (2012), Beaver creek WFire in Idaho (2013), Nevada WF (2016). Since 2017 wild fires had been effectively worse in USA , Australia. I am now adding the Corona virus which is a result of humans eating wild creatures as Serpents who normally is a requirement to balance the ecology termed Bio diversity. The loss of healthy environment as a result of wild fires by the burning of rich forests that grew during last 1000 or more years along with its biological effects cannot be revived in a short period. It may take another few generations to revive the rich forestation with its bio diversity and its water courses where the micro beings to large mammals can grow up and enjoy life.

Other than the damage of forestry created by industrial revolution, the number of beings affected in health as a loss of Bio diversity along with nutritional herbs for food results in developing cancers, diabetes, hypertension and commercial medical drugs are necessary to counter these health issues., It has worsened the situation that the humans today face.

Re cycling rubber manufactured items as tyres , and plastics though expressed as a counter to minimize environmental issues is no match to the worsening effects. (This is another area which has to be addressed and cannot be met with in a lesser manner).

The fish in the water courses such as rivers and seas with large oceans are affected badly.

It is observed that a large tonnage of used plastics has reached the bottom of oceans and seas while affecting its flora and fauna.

The latest scenery of Air pollution today is addressed in India while it has become a threat to all classes of people rich, poor, schooling population , and its infants. Nature does not categorise the people when it starts punishing for the ill treatment of the environment.

The environmental effects of air pollution from India has reached Sri Lanka too . The sky has no limits to stop environmental pollution.

These environmental effects are sure to reach a climax to an unhealthy world in a few years, if the humans world do not bar its economic policies in Agriculture, farming (Agro as well as poultry and meat farming).

Farming today is in the hands of enterpreuners of large economic organizations for making profit rather than the desire to provide nutrition to the global population. (This is another area at large that has to be addressed by researchers In agro economy)

One who need to understand the effects of climate change can easily do so by Buddhist philosophy especially with Vasetta sutta and Agganna sutta. Ther are other parallels that can match with these two suttas)

When one threat in environment is countered another similar or worse has to be faced by nations.


(Karma processes the worlds (planet) earth and the beings.) (Lord Buddha)

“Everything in life is vibration : quote by Einstein” The Christians and the Moslem sects believe that the world is created by GOD.

The Hindu texts write that BRAHMA created the earth and beings and controls the universe. (Purans)

Hence I wish to express my view that “GOD” and “BRAHMA” are expressions to name the imaginary executing force of Karma.

Karma , God or Brahma was never explained in detail as it is a complex subject, that cannot be grasped by laymen. Hence I desire to discuss the term “Kammana vattathi Loko” (Vasetta Sutta) as it is the closest explanation which explain the cause and effect of the morals of the people along with the environment which envelops us.

Laplace a prominent astronomer and scientist in the past wrote :

We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of the past and the cause of its future. An intellect at a certain moment would know all forces that set in motion and all positions of all items of which nature is composed.

If this intellect were also were vast enough to submit these data to analysis , it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atoms, For such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes.

( Laplace did not seem to have had access to Buddism)

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