by K.G. Justin de Silva

Stability of the earth


We may need to understand the process of the earth and hence consider certain astronomical facts before going ahead.

Considering only the solar system, we are aware that all planets rotate around the sun, while the moon rotates around the earth. All planets including the earth are bound by a gravitational field that is already mathematically laid down by scientists.

Gravity was first introduced to the modern world by Sir Isac Newton , three centuries ago. Today universities in America and Russia with other big universities in the world have developed theories along with the Big – Bang theory studied with gravitational universal ripples.

Astronomer Kepler (1731-1810) laid down mathematical equations of equilibrium to prove that the distance between planets to sun is a constant.

Where R is distance from sun to the planet, T is time of planetary rotation , and K is a constant.

Similarly scientist Cavendish (astronomer) introduced the formula:

Where Fg is gravitational force, m is mass of planets, and R is distance between planets with a given value for G.

These laws explain that the mass of moving and rotating planets is responsible for maintaining the gravity of the solar system, hence the stability of the universe.

In considering the earth, the biosphere is a main factor in maintaining the equilibrium of the earth . If any sphere around the earth such as the biosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere or the ionosphere is damaged then the earth is bound to be damaged. If the earth breaks down, then the other planets held in equilibrium will definitely move out in disarray.

The biosphere contains the ecology and the beings visual, large, small, unicellular or multicellular, terrestrial beings and aquatic beings along with terrestrial and aquatic plants. Each singular being is a part and parcel of the earth and hence the preservation and protection of each being is a mutual responsibility of all beings. We are a part of a whole system. ( It must be considered that this system is a unified electro magnetic system of energy)

In this venture Nerbadski ( a Russian scientist) listed the functions of the beings, such as

  1. Producing gasses such as Oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, ammonia, and hudrogen sulphide.
  2. Functions of oxygenation.
  3. Oxidizing functions
  4. Calcium functions (Eg: precipitation of salts)
  5. Accumulation of dispersed chemicals.
  6. Combustion to liberate water, carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen.
  7. Metabolism and respirarytion.
  8. Migraton of organic compounds.
  9. Reducing complex combinations to pure forms.
  10. Functions of reducing organic compounds.

Though he did not list how these functions operate in its complex form, it is truly evident in the explanation of the presence of Nama Rupa in beings , as explained by Lord Buddha.

The need of life energy in the operation of the above ten factors, can be very well observed that it could happen in the form of fermentation, photosynthesis, and birth and deaths of organic beings ( humans and animals), along with nutrition functions as well as urination and excreting with the digested particles.

Matter or form (Rupa) in Abhidamma (metaphysics of Buddhism) is shown to have 28 qualities of physical Phenomina , termed as Damma, and is known to be:

Solidity,cohesion, temperature, motion, eyeness, earness, smell, taste, touch, sense,, visibility, sound, odour, flavour, femininity,,masculinity, heart base, life faculty, nutrtition, space, bodily information,, speech, intimation, lightness, plasticity, wieldness, birth or integration, and continuity,

All these qualities visual or non visual has physical and chemical properties along with a combination of physico chemical properties. These have been described by Lord Buddha only with wisdom (panna).

Abhidamma (metaphysics of Buddhism) explain that there are 3 realms , or three spheres of this world as:

Kama vacara Loka
Rupa vacara Loka
Arupavacara Loka

The same described by Venerable Rerukane Chandavimala in his texts of Abhidamma categorises the universe in to three categories.

  1. Shape (length, width, height, dimension) (Kama vacara)
  2. Things that aids shape live or not (eg: tree, man , house, car, animal) (Rupavacara)
  3. Vibration, existence, emerging, birth, death as actions. (Arupavacara)

Kama loka is understood to be made of attachments to sensual desires.

Rupa Loka is understood to be made of various perceptions of objects or form with matter (Apo, tejo, vayo, patavi etc) With the third realm or sphere of Arupavacara ,(Formless world) what is most important is the factor of vibration. Existence itself is vibration of matter. All our six senses are vibrations too. Can it be explained.

As living beings we are in connection with all three spheres (Kama loka, Rupa Loka , and arupa Loka which are again interdependent activities) As protectors of the earth we are to protect all the said spheres. Any harm caused on any of these spheres pollutes and endangers the continuity of the earth, and beings as part of them are held responsible.

Kama loka is to be protected by , correct living within the realm of sensual desires, with the understanding that our sensual desires are meant to sustain the earth and the universe.

Rupa Loka is to be protected by correctly manipulating the forms of the material world. Protection of the physiology of the beings, protection of all beings, protection of all that helps maintain the shape and size of the earth along with protection of the solar system extending to the universe will mean as protecting the world of form. (The pancha sila or five precepts if well maintained will protect the Rupaloka)

As layman, we can protect the earth and hence the universe in a minimum capacity by observing the five precepts, ( Pancha Sila) which involves the environments of Flora, Fauna and all types of beings visual and non visual).

  1. by protecting life energy,
  2. by using and sharing resources in a mutual capacity (without stealing others resources of protection of life sources of nutrition and happiness).by using our six senses for creation and procreation of beings of its kind without considering the six senses as resource for mere sensual enjoyment.
  3. By using our modes of communication for the need to live , and not to mislead others for selfish reasons
  4. To use our tastes or desires only for nutrition and not to misuse our taste and sensual feelings for mere enjoyment.

The other precepts from eight to millions of sila (Ata Sil onwards) are meant to protect the earth and universe from any form of destruction while getting in to the spiritual path of Nirvana .

All other sila (disciplines) from Ata sil to higher forms of Sil (disciplines) will protect , the world of formless realm (Arupa loka) and the universe at large.

With this understanding It is now appropriate to learn our physical and mental relationships with the earth. The earth is formed with the physical qualities Apo, tejo, vayo and patavi , smell , taste, colour, etc (as mentioned in twenty eight qualities of Damma in matter).Some are seen (visual) and some are not seen (non visual). The formless world and the unseen qualities are within the third sphere called Arupavacara (formless world) that will be explained later.

The position of the person as shown is maintained by the gravitational force of motion of the earth. If the movement of the earth stops all beings on the southern hemisphere could fall in to the space below. Why a person on any part of the earth remains steady on the earths crust is a result of the gravitational field.

Similarly the earth too remains in a balanced position relative to all other planets and sun as a result of the relative rotation of all heavenly objects.

See the explanation of scientists cum astronomers’ findings regarding the bonding of planets, in the last chapter. The stability of the earth is extremely important to the solar system. If the earth cracks and falls in to pieces, then the equilibrium of the whole solar system , will be imbalanced, resulting in a chaos of the whole system in the universe.

Therefore we can realize the importance of the stability of the structure of the earth, not forgetting the fact that each planet has a unique system of its own to maintain its stability. (Eg: Astro physicists have found that each planet is surrounded by gasses and chemicals in various densities and proportions while the three rings in Saturn is an unique composure)

Our planet earth consists of three layers, which are stratosphere, Ionosphere and the Biosphere. The stratosphere which is the outer sphere contains a gaseous layer of air, one of these being ozone. This layer protects the beings and the ecology from vicious radiations from outside the earth.

Other than the ionosphere major spheres followed with mesosphere, stratosphere and the sphere closest to the crust being troposphere exists in protection of the earth with various functions, physical, chemical , thermal and electro- magnetic forces.

All these functions act to protect the stability of the earth and the Biosphere which means the area containing the beings (animals and humans) and the ecology of the earth’s system.

On the other hand the ecology and the beings (humans and animals with microbes) has a function in the protection of the spheres which are troposphere to mesosphere and ionosphere.

Instead of going in to scientific details, it is much easier to observe the results of the daily routines and acts of the humans. The result of people using fridges, gasses, and other cognitive material, finally resulting in thinning down the ozone sphere has resulted in the reach of Ultra violet rays on to the biosphere. The end results are various cancers attacking the humans and other beings. In order to correct this there is no other alternative of understanding this fact and refraining from the use of gasses which emanate carbon monoxide in to space. It is necessary then that humans have to be contended with facilities without using harmful cognitive gasses. The remedy to repair the ozone sphere is to refrain from refrigeration which emanates disastrous carbonic gasses.

It is a well known fact that the chemical Chloro- Fluro carbon emitted from refrigeration and air conditioning rises in to the ozone layer thus damaging and making holes. Not only this, but it is also found that a fertilizer with methyl bromide too rises in to the ozone layer thus damaging this layer. It is found in the tea industry too.

The radiation from Sun which escape from the ozone layer and other protective spheres, reaching the earths surface , have started melting the ice-burgs of the arctic and the Antarctic, while raising the sea level. Disasters arising from such increase of temperatures on the Indian ocean around Maldives and the recent disaster in North India, at Uttarkand (2013) by melting of ice are other examples. Further the opening of the ozone layer over Australia and New Zealand is causing skin cancers. These effects are a cause of the sensual population of the world been industrious in order to have better sensual comforts. Even with these disasters, people still try to dwell on lives with extreme sensual desires, even against there own knowledge of these facts. The drive of the mind towards sensual desires compels people to overlook the health and or poverty caused by their very own sensual drives. The processing of ill health on this earth is the acts of the very beings on this earth.

Are these not major examples to understand that Kamma (intentions) processes the earth, at a basic level.

Further more another example is brought out by Sri Lankans in the north central province using chemical fertilizers , for agricultural purposes. Cadmium with arsenic and other chemicals used to improve agricultural yields results in fatal kidney ailments causing deaths of the population there in. It is too late to protect the victims as they are compelled to use the polluted water and the medicines cannot cure the ailments other than reducing the ill effects. The wrong intentions and acts of certain commercial organizations in order to gain better profits have resulted in the suffering of the poor masses.

Media brings out examples of many more such acts which increase the irreversible suffering of the common masses.

Radiation from Fukuma Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan in 11 march 2011 is a lesson as an irreversible mistake. The Japanese government has to take many preventive measures to bar its radio activity from reaching the future generations.

From History, one of the most interesting dynasties as an example for the relationship between morals and the masses is available as the Mohendajaro –Harappa Dynasty. This civilization had lasted from 3000BC to 1000BC.

The civilization then existed in todays Pakistan , Northern India, Afganistan , extending to Mesopotamia along the Indus valley. This kingdom has had agricultural prosperity and metal industries, developed architecture with mansions for personnel dwelling. There is evidence of two and three story houses with private attached wash rooms and toilets for houses. There is evidence of sewerage systems exhibiting luxurious and planned city life. As the civilization developed the priests advised the kings to offer sacrifices to rid themselves from personnel problems. There is evidence to this effect. Wide roads along with travel in horse carts and availability of cattle is evident. As life went on it is suspected that the masses started facing droughts and sicknesses. With no proper religion except , belief in Gods based on Sun and moon and other natural phenomena the priests and the general masses went on offering animal sacrifices to various gods while the morals declined.

The luxury of the Dynasty is suspected to have vanished owing to loss of ecology due to droughts. As there is no evidence of an intrusion by external civilizations, today the only reason for the fall of this dynasty is suggested to be a result of moral degradation. Heavy unmanaged use of water, and cutting down of trees to build structures devastating the old agricultural areas is suspected to have caused droughts. As metal industries and trade developed between Mesopotamia and like countries, people thought less about the reasons for droughts etc. With the moral degradation of the people along with the belief in Gods without a cause and effect, the down fall had not been checked . The religion of the Mohendajaro Harappa were mostly to increase creation and procreation, and not to better morals.

Today Indian historians too believe that the fall of Mohendajaro – Harappa is a result of the moral degradation within the civilization.

In Sri Lanka today, many areas are affected with loss of usable drinking water owing to imbalanced agricultural development, to obtain better yields and hence profits.

Not only Sri Lanka , such evidence is shown elsewhere in most of the African countries , and some other Asian countries. Chemically fertilised agriculture is vastly done by farmers in order to yield better profits, without realizing the harms.

This is the conflict between selfishness arising out of sensual attachments to make more and more money, in order to live luxurious lives. People who have authority to hide themselves from government agencies distribute drugs (Cocaine and prohibited drugs) with increased sale of liquors. These are results of moral degradation.

The fall of nations owing to moral degradation is close at hand today as some nations have gone to the very edge of industrial developments which harm all beings.

Hawaii was a nation long ago with a majority of Maori generation. They had a culture to live with the nature and natural resources. They had gods such as Tangaroa who looked after the nature and the culture of the Hawaian nation was seen as beautiful. They had dancing which resulted from the movement of the waves of the sea. They trained the hula in the water without disturbing the ripples. The blue waters around were not disturbed except for fishing , only to fill their bellies. Their food at the time were coconut, yams and fish. They made lamp light for darkness from the wax fruit.

People from Europe & the west who wanted to enjoy leisure with such a natural environment and such peaceful mentality by living with nature, elected Hawaii as a Holiday destination. The international traders who spotted this beautiful and peaceful nation and the islands made pray of this nation to devastate it to doom. Today the community life can be seen only in a made up artificial village. Today instead of the coconut brewed and fruit brewed soft liquors, hard liquors are sold in plenty brought from outside. People live as hotel workers, and earn a buck to eat artificial foods sold in super markets.

The peaceful nature compared with life fifty years ago have vanished along with the eroded beaches which cannot be regained in many more years. Again these beaches could reach its former natural state only by leaving them alone. Another example of the processing of the earth by the people.

A similar sad story is written on the sands and the beaches of Unawatuna. I have to say the same story as a similar happening about the beach of Unawatuna. Around the late period of nineteen sixties Professor Arthor C Clerk sets his foot on this gorgeous beach of Unawatuna. There he decides to set up his own disc antenna then , and this place gave him imagination to most of the subjects and data to his world famous books. Two kilometers from my home is this Unawatuna beach, where I enjoyed a sea bath on a natural beach, green and gold, not long ago but in the early 1970s.

Later similar to Hawaian beach, international interests of tourism sets their their to the Unawatuna Beach, and this beach too has now eroded without a sign of regaining. People are talking about reclaiming the natural beach of Unawatuna, but alas, it is now impossible as the business community have overtaken this place.

Both Unawatuna and Hawaii are examples of Moral degradations and its results.

These facts too are other examples that Karma (intentions) processes the earth and beings. Here we must not forget that along with the humans the other beings (animals from large down to small microbes) suffer unto death as processed by the intentions to have sensually desired comforts.

These examples are food for thought to analyze the connection between morality and nature with its effects to the living beings both humans and others, while it is clear that the cause of these devastations are wrong intentions.

The Dhammapada explains:

Mind precedes all knowable acts, mind made are all acts,If with a corrupted mind one should either speak or act then it is followed by Dukka (suffering) as the cart wheel is followed by the hoofs of the ox.

In another chapter: Fare in Dhamma Coursing well, in evil courses do not fare Who dwells in Dhamma,s happy – in this birth and the next.

Who so was heedless formerly- but later lives with heedfulness illuminates the world as moon when free of clouds

The examples given above linking morality and nature may be seen as superficial data unless one can analyze the same in a deeper manner, which could be understood later in this book.

The causal act of freeing all beings from such suffering has also to be intentions, and it ought to be good intentions.Let me once again repeat:

Kammana vattathi Loko , Kammana vattathi paja meaning

The world is processed by Karma and beings are processed by Karma.

Karma (Kamma) is linked with universal vibrations. As our thoughts are vibrations arising from the Brain cum mind Karma too acts with the strength of such vibrations.

As laymen could not understand , especially 2500 years ago lord Buddha , explained the process of merit or sin through verbal and physical acts of the concerned personnel.

Lord Buddha also explained how to escape from sins or vibrations of sin , with precepts that one has to observe in life.

For the average laymen, he laid down the Five precepts to be observed .

  1. Abstain from Killing
  2. Abstain from stealing
  3. Abstain from sexual misconduct,
  4. Abstain from wrong verbal communication
  5. Abstain from taking harmful drugs and liquor.

Those who are at the wrong ends of panchasila, will reach the modes of suffering in life, either as humans, or at a re birth as animals or other lives in the lower realms of life.

The people on this earth desire to feel the so called comforts of tactile senses, tastes, sensual hearing, and all the more sexual feelings. People born on this earth who are deluded by sensual desires are encouraged by nature to sin. But they will be subsequently slaved by nature as lower beings.

However those who follow the five precepts properly will at least be born as a human being with proper means of living.

This is the way the earth is processed by Karma. Those beings in the animal or lower realms of worlds cannot realize this fact as they are totally slaved by sensually desired living (in kama loka). In the next chapter it is my desire to discuss the vibrations of the earth and its karmic effects, as we are in a world of science.

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