by K.G. Justin de Silva

The world of Vibrations

(“Everything in life is vibration, everything is energy” and continues to say , “ What you vibrate out in to the world , the universe echoes bak” : quoted by Albert Einstein)

We laymen (non scientists) are lucky to be absorbed into the knowledge of vibrations in the world with better explanations beginning in early 1960 s with the space age as and when Ury Gagarin stepped on to the moon. Academic studies on physics and chemistry could be studied with various scientific and physical tools, apparatus and machinery and on computer media based on electro magnetism, echo soundings, along with quantum and nano physics.

Space explorations from NASA provided the global scientists with many improved advantages. The first of these been medical explorations by the use of electro dynamic properties in the terrestrial and solar system, now have advanced to experimentation on aspects as psycho kinesis and spiritual truths. These are by analyzing vibrations and wave theories that were not formerly experimented. Most of the medical equipments that was tested for aeronauts were later adapted by physicians to cure patients.

Since then these effects of vibration in electro magnetism as amplified effects were used in medical practices, thus widening the field of medicine for the benefit of the society.

With the awakened knowledge that there is a bio Electromagnetic field, the medical practitioners set on to find that nerve impulses are electrical energy signals. A nerve impulse being a wave of electrical energy with the fact that human electrical energy is generated by chemical processing of nerve cells.

Electro magnetic therapy is successfully used now in modern medicine almost in every medical field. Electro magnetic Biology is a new field of study that is recently developed with elecro magnetic electrical fields. ECG, CT scanning and Radiation methods to heal cancers in various parts of the body too is based on elctro magnetic fields. I need not elaborate of the use of such electro magnetic equipments as it is well used and seen in the fields of dentistry, cardiology, oncology , kidney ailments, psychiatry and on detection of brain and nerve disorders in the skull as well as within many other medical branches. We do not need any further evidence to prove that there is a magnetic electro field connected with the physiological system.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (IMR) equipment using electro magnetic radiation methods to diagnose sicknesses by Neuro surgeons are extremely popular in hospitals all over the world.

Within our physiology these electro magnetic systems are connected with :-

Nerves for relaying information to and from senses.
Nerves for controlling the internal functions of the body.
Nerves for muscle movement.
Nerves for thinking.

It is found that while the elctro magnetic field produces electrical energy within a body, similar to a metal wire inducing electro magnetic fields, electrical energy within a body can produce in return magnetic fields too.

Effects of happiness, sadness, shock, in a person which causes chemical changes (producing hormones) within people too are found to produce, magnetic fields in people. Happy, sad and other moods in this way are transferred to others in this manner.

This is why the mind retards feelings of the drunken with liquor or drugged people as the chemical processes of the brain gets retarded.

It is at school, my chemistry teacher taught that there is a form of electrolysis inside our brain in its functions. The chemical process of the brain in feelings (sadness, happiness, kindness , anger etc) take place as a function of the system.

We are linked to each other through our minds too by these magnetic fields. Perhaps you may note that at a funeral, sadness is radiated from one to another. At a reception of happiness may it be a wedding, a birthday, or a family get together the mood of the purpose is radiated. At a mosk, a Buddhist shrine, a Hindu Kovil or a Christian church the serenity of the place is psychologically felt is a true fact.

The death of a loved leader or a religious leader is felt by each other or a whole nation ,a tribe or a clan, at a single instant and this is a result of simultaneous elctro - magnetic effect radiating from one another again.

Furthermore Kirlean cameras named after Seymon Kirlean in 1930 found a system called electrophotography. This system was used for experiments and research on para psychology. Para psychology, Telepathy, psycho kinesis, precognition, clairvoyance and mind related subjects can be studied using recording of mind waves. Aura photos and imaging which photographed an illumination around palms of people , and around the skull, around the leaves of trees, (www.kirlea) are studied. Observations made with these cameras helped in finding the meaning of various colours in Auras , that changes with the moods (happy, sad) in people.(

Certain Kirlean photographs made of meditating people before and after meditation reveals that their auras differ from one another. Many spiritual based institutes and personals now use these cameras to prove the para psychological effects. An interesting news is the finding that the acupuncture points related with spiritual experiences are highlighted by these photographs. These again are proofs that the beings and even ecology is connected with electro magnetism.

“Gravity probe B” an ultra sensitive gyroscope happens to be a satellite sent in to space in 20th September 2004 to find the relationship of gravity and magnetism better known as gravito-magnetism in space. This was sent by NASA ,United states. It proved two theories of relativity byEinstein, while it also proved the link of electro magnetism and gravity. As far as I am concerned, I am well placed to suggest that the earth in space and on the surface of the earth, is bound by electro magnetism, while I could say that all beings are linked by both gravity and electro magnetism.

Another recent interesting finding been that the herds of cattle, sheep, birds and even salmon are guided to travel along the routes they select to their destinations is by global electro magnetic fields. This was found when a researcher used the google maps to research on the behaviors of various types of creatures. It was a well known fact that the bats found their flight routes by echo sounding.

The answer to the magic of birds flying to the same destinations climatically each year is now answered with electro magnetism. They are found to follow a magnetic field of the earth while magnetized cells are found in birds. The question as to why creatures move from the habitats before a catastrophe is also explained through electro magnetism.

It is common knowledge that there is a magnetic field on the earth directing itself from the South pole to the north pole. The core of the earth is considered a magnet in this event, and the popular “magnetic compass” to find directions turns along this earths magnetic field.

Electro magnetic effects of the earth change with the climatic changes. Perhaps the mystical rituals to make rain during droughts, and the idea of finding answers to various riddled questions by mystic powers I believe, lye with electro magnetism of the earth binding the beings and humans.

These facts are ample to infer that all beings on this earth being a part of the earth, are linked with gravity, magnetism and electrical energy and electro magnetism.

The change of the weather patterns with sun spots and sun flares of the sun too is studied to implicate changes of the electro magnetic effects on the earth. The effects are practically felt in changing patterns of climates.

However we must be realistic to understand that without the sun and sunlight these links are incomplete. The electro magnetic effects caused by changes of solar energy is well felt by beings as climatic changes to storms etc.

It can be suggested that enrgy by thought with emotion can have an effect on this earths magnetic fields. Hence the moral and immoral thoughts can have a bearing on weather patterns or disastral effects on the earth.

We should not forget that rituals by tribal people or the rural crowds today have rituals to cause rain.

How Does electro magnetic fields act on beings

Edward Caycee who lived in America (ohio) made many predictions for future occurences. Most of them occurred as predicted. Some of these important predictions proved to have happened are:

Shift of the North and South poles in 2001.(predicted in April 1941) He reports that the magnetic core helps the people to live.

He also predicted (in his time) that Blood will be used to diagnose sicknesses.

The second world war was reported long before it occurred. In his prediction he mentioned the reason for the war as cosmic energies relative to the planets. (This is as good as astrology).

He also had predicted the 2004 December 26th Tsunami, as would be occurring in the Indian ocean.

See www.biblotecapleyades readings recorded 1901-1945

He mentioned about utilizing energies from the sun for vitality and health.

His predictions mostly correspond along with Vedic astrological predictions and systems. Sun worship and meditation on the sun for betterment of life and health is a sector of the Hindu religious acts or yoga. Hinduism interprets the strength of sun through Deity Shiva (Ishwar) as the lord of procreation.

Predictions of Caycee also relate to cosmic energies, magnetic fields, gravitation of earth and their connection to solar energy. He managed to cure sick people and correct wrong attitudes (intentions) of people in reference with immoral life styles.

Though the materialists did not believe, the texts of Buddhism and the bible with certain performances of the prophets are true Which are:

Lord Jesus calms a storm in the sea. ( I believe this is because he understood the cosmic effect of the storm and its relationship with the mind)

Lord Buddha in taming a devil of ill willed nature, first created a fire and then created a flood , for scaring the devil, yet without hatred, and is described in the texts of Buddhism as “Alavaka Damanaya”. These too are mind made elctro magnetic effects as he had mastered the art of controlling the nature.

One may call these myths, but he is known to have controlled a rampaging elephant, “Nalagiri” with maithri thoughts. (The mind of Love and kindness)

Just before the Tsunami (in 2004) hit in Sri Lanka all animals, cats, dogs and other animals moved inland to my personnel knowledge. How did this happen, and it is a magnetic effect of nature connected with creatures living on the earth.

Two dogs who were fond of me once , protected me from the other dogs, who were jumping and attacking any moving object in pitch darkness. I at the time did not know that my friend’s (dogs) were in that batch of dogs. I was pushed by these two dogs to a safe distance, before they ran back to their dog friends. (This is one instance of proof of their mental abilities guided with electro brain waves) The questions arising here are 1) How did the dogs identify me and then how did the two dogs coordinate their minds to rescue me from the other dogs.

We have heard many true stories of dogs, looking after their masters in very disastrous conditions, looking after kids, keeping the masters safe in snow, by mere understanding.

The answer for all such incidents are electro-magnetic effects, linked with the operations of the mind and nature.

Animal magnetism is the presence of magnetism in animals. Dr.Franz Anton Mesmer , a German physician, born in May 1734 , found that animals are living with a type of magnetism in them. He used this fact to cure his patients. Being an astronomer he perceived that the idea of transferring energies, and the fact that there is a natural transference of energy between animated objects which could be used to cure sicknesses. Later others followed his idea and mesmerism was used globally to cure sicknesses by doctors of medicine.

Dr. Carl S Jung records how he cured a lady who was crippled by finding the reason of crippling by mesmerism. Ill treatment of the mother by the patient (sick woman) had been the cause of the sickness. The patient who understood the cause, as was morally wrong, was made to be cured . This is also a record of Karma and is similar to confession by catholics and Christians with faith in God.

Mesmerism today is a common system used by Psychiatrists, while the magicians too use mesmerism also known as hypnotism for magical acts.

Great magicians use hypnotism to mesmerize a group together. They all are brought, for instance to feel as being drowned in a ship or facing a storm. This too proves of transferring mental energy to follow a feeling created in a mass of crowd. This transference of energy is caused by electro magnetic induction in the brain.

Many are known to have pre-cognized views of future happenings. Though it may be a riddle to one, this is also caused by Electro magnetic effects of the mind.

The halos shown in art or pictures of prophets is not a mere imagination, but is the electro magnetic radiation from the body. The pictures taken with the Kirlean cameras have already proved that there is a halo around anybody, but is not strong enough to illuminate.

It is witten that in the Fourth week after enlightenment of the Lord Budda the mind of Lord budda was so purified that six colored rays of red, white,orange, blue , yellow and a mixture of these colors came out from the body. Here too, the only explanation is the magnetic effect of colours.

Today science has developed to the extent of recording the brain effects, of meditating persons. They are recorded with Electro EncaphalographicGraphs with alpha , beta, theta and delta wave effects.

Various conditions changing from disturbed moods up to harmonized moods on to restful happiness is recorded in stages, and these could be identified as the four stages in meditation , such as Vitakka, vicara, Piti, Sukha leading to Samadhi (Tranquility of mind). This is scientific proof that the thoughts which arise as pulses can be recorded as frequencies.

A simple experiment can be observed when a person is angry, to start mindful breathing, whence one will be relieved of the nasty feeling of anger after a while. It is mentioned here that the thoughts can create certain muscular movements in the body, while breathing creates a link with the external electrical energies of harmony. It is said and observed that the mind operates partly inside and partly outside the body.

I heard of this wonderful experience (in 1964) of a friend of mine. His mother died in Galle. Minutes before his mother died, he saw the mother appearing before him, 200 Kms away from Galle. I had no answer then. But I have the answer now. It is a result of her thought waves , which could travel as electro magnetic waves.

This brings me to the Verse of Dhammapada describing the mind:

It is written as :

Durangaman Ekacharan Asariran Guhasyan
E citta sanna messanthimukkanthi Mara Bandana

And refers to the mind as living in a cave (body) , lives alone, formless and travels far in an instant.

This in modern terms is vibration and a wave which travels in lightening speed, while in association with the body.

The thought waves recorded by EEG can be referred to this verse, while telepathy, reading of others mind and thoughts can be explained with electro magnetic effects of the body, especially the brain.

Mass meditation to cure people out of fatal sicknesses have worked, while such a story is written by the wife of Cook Islands’ prime minister, Dr. Tom Davis, as it happened in 1952. When her son was on the edge of life (as a baby infant) ,all the islanders prayed together in all churches at the same time, the infant came back to life, to the amazement of all.

At the time of Lord Buddha, meditating monks in a forest were disturbed by unseen demons. Lord Buddha then advised the monks to meditate with loving kindness. These verses explain the monks the manner of radiating such loving kindness towards all beings. It is radiating loving energy to all beings, and is undisputable. The monks succeeded and continued with meditation peacefully afterwards without any obstructions. (See Karaniya Metta Sutta)

Radiating energy in the form of electro magnetism is seen even in plants internally and externally. Sleeping plants (Mimosa Pudica) when at a slight touch go to sleep as a plant. It is found that from the point of touch an impulse follows as neurons within the plant.

Kawa is known to be a plant in African jungles, where the leaves turn sour when Giraffes start eating the leaves. It is found that the leaves of the surrounding plants too turns sour at this point.

Kawa Kawa is another famous New Zealand plant that repels fire flies when it starts producing a chemical in it and this effect remains until the leaves revive again.

Dr. Rao in India, used music in agriculture to get better yields. The vibration of music which again is electro magnetic effects, has resulted in turning fruitful results.

Many more are such examples. But I would stop here only to say that electro magnetism and gravitational fields are inter related effects present on this earth while we are part and parcel of the earth and is affected and effected by electro magnetism.

We are a combination of Mind , Matter and life energy while these are energies (electro magnetic effects) in relationship with universal cosmic energies.

Sun , moon, planets and the earth act together through astronomical principles in harnessing all these energies while elecro magnetic and gravitational fields are the resulting forms which act to and from. Hence beings are vibrative forces which regulate forces in keeping with the equilibrium of the solar system and the universe.

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