by K.G. Justin de Silva

Life Energy

It is understood from Abhidamma (metaphysics) of Buddhism that life is a combination of life energy and matter. Life also arises with attachment. This fact is made clear with the idea that with attainment of Nirvana life ceases to originate.

Hence it must be noted that Life arises with mind, matter and cetasika (mental factors) or consciousness and or attachments. A coordinating factor of mind and matter is played by “Vinnana” meant as consciousness. 52 mental qualities are associated with the mind , and they arise at various levels depending on the standard of the mind. In all of them “Vinnana” meant as consciousness coordinates the combination of rupa (matter) and nama (mind) with Karmic effects.

Life force arises with a combination of mind and matter which carries on with “Vinnana” meant consciousness, in to various future lives (of becoming) after death. A being continues in life (samsara) until one can end re becoming of life with nibbana, may be many millions of years from now. ( For example it is like a traveller transiting from one plane to another , during a long flight.). Each “Bhava” is like a life in a country before a flight from one destination to the next. Bhava is also described as the “stage of re-becoming. Bhava is also called continuity of life.

The quality and standard of next life after death is decided by the quality of life morally (kusal or akusal) that we spend with from day to day. The mind that creates Kusal acts (Acts of well being) towards all other beings will lead comfortable and healthy lives in their next life after death. They will have a life energy that guides them in to good vitality. Those who live with Akusal acts (acts of harmful nature) will reap the consequences of life driving them in to natures of suffering with lack of wealth, sicknesses and may even be physical disabilities.

Hence Life force is the driving force of vitality that produces Karma effects or causal effects of ones own deeds. If one needs more information on this subject then one can study the Karmic effects described in Buddhism.

The resulting stages of “Bhava” or states of life re- becoming that one may achieve after the death, is one of the realms described in Abhidamma. These realms are numbered as 33 realms. however they are basically described in to six realms which are:

Sura is a higher stage of life. They are in a powerful stage of re-becoming (Bhava), and they are formless. Food and nutrition easily available as non solids, is to be absorbed from the environment. They will live there until their accumulated good karmic effects are over.
Deva Deva are also in a strong and comfortable sphere in the universe. They too are said to enjoy foods freely available in the environment and have certain powers. Some Devas are said to be in control of powers to manipulate climatic conditions and for example Hindu devotees believe that they can look after various aspects of form (Rupa) like Fire, water, ecology , beings and the earth. Vishnu is such a (god) or Deva. They too will remain in the realms of Deva , until their good Karmic effects are over, but often will be back in the human realm, in order to make efforts to attain nirvana.
Human I need not explain about the human sphere. This is an intermediate stage of devas and animals or preta and Naraka. The humans have the ability to gain wisdom and knowledge to understand the qualities of mind and to get away from the mental state of delusion. By overcoming delusion one gets in to the path of giving up sensual desires. Such acts of giving up desires will lead one in to the state of Nirvana. But if one does not make the effort to gain wisdom and to break delusion, then the results will be living with morally unwholesome acts and the result of being born in the next lower realms of Preta ,Animal, Preta or the Naraka is inevitable.
Animal Those human beings who at least do not follow the five precepts of life (abstaining from taking others lives, abstaining from stealing, abstaining from sexual misconduct, abstaining from verbal misconduct, abstaining from taking liquor and drugs) are sure to be born in an animal realm or lower.
Preta Those who had been over greedy in sensual desires are sure to be born in a realm of Preta. They will not come back to the human realm for many millions of years.
Naraka Naraka is the realm with punishments for misconduct in the human sphere, and will suffer with hunger, and other sensual punishments until their bad Karmic effects are over.

All these spheres have their vibrative effects. The vibrative effects of each realm acts on Karma and suits the Karmic effects of those who are reborn in each of the realm.

We in the realm of humans are born in this earth where the vibrative levels suits our Karmic effects. The electro magnetic and the geo magnetic effects are the conditions that suit our “Consciousness” or vinnana, and these vibrations can be realized to coalesce with resulting Karmic effects.

In the same manner , sensual desires which are meant to protect the earth and universe as used will be the result in transferring one in to another sphere which will suit the conscious level of the being. This is the Karmic effect. Those who act with loving kindness will reach better spheres and those who act with hatred and lustful thoughts will reach lower spheres.

Those who look after all other beings, with a “conscsiousness” guided by Love and kindness will be transferred in to the realms of Deva and Sura where these beings will look after the universe and the environment as they are suitable for it.

Life energy is the driving force with which one is transferred from one sphere in to another depending on the state of consciousness with Kusal accumulated citta or the Akusal accumulated citta.

(Kusal Citta is the consciousness helpful for the world and universe and Akusal citta is the consciousness which does not help this earth and the universe). With a perfect consciousness that has given up all desires ones mind is suitable not to continue in birth, and achieves the state of Nirvana. (Nirvana literally means no desires)

Therefore we can infer that life force or Jivitendriya (faculty of Life) is the driving force of vitality which drives a conscious being in to various spheres of life, may be a Sura, Deva, Human, Animal, Preta or a demon in the Naraka.

Still scientific researchers have not been able to give a definition on the life force. But however, Hindu texts and the verses from Akhenaton (Egypt) along with St Thomas (A Christian saint) and scriptures from Hindu Vedas refer to life force as a force reaching us through the Sun. I hence believe that life force is another form of vibrative energy formed and radiated from the solar effects of its rotation focused at the sun.

There is real life evidence that the sun and vitality are

connected and forms of healing connecting sun are practised in many countries. Surya Namaskar in India, The worship of Sun by Red Indians, and the Sun worship in Israel are some out of many more sun worshippers. Reiki a type of using cosmic energy , from Japan too has been proved to be true and is connected to the Sun.

Sun is worshipped as a living God in all these instances. The reason is that the sun is directly in control with the life force and traditional experience of these effects. The effects of sun spots and changes on the climatic effects and the living conditions on the earth of course are scientifically studied by academics from international universities .

A reference from South America:

Refer to Which states on sun worship by JR Swanton –(1928)
“ Sun worship Conclusions (Page 213)

  1. Belief in a supreme being closely associated with the sun and with fire is traceable amongst most of the tribes of the south eastern cultural province.
  2. This association seems to have been much more intimate than in the north eastern province.
  3. Variations are discernible, particularly among the Iroquoian tribes, and the Cherokee appear to have been the center of an area in which the solar deity (or supreme being) was feminine.
  4. As the Indian tribes most assuredly to have made earthworks were in the South east and some of them traced their origin to the Ohio valley , these facts are of interest to the archaeologist.

Received ,July 12,1927)
Bureau of American Ethnology,Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.

A true story from India refers to a Hindu swami (priest) , using his mind power to get a dead bird fly in the air for a while , with the use of sun rays has been recorded by a British Diplomat (Early 1980s) as one of his experiences.

Healing with sun is popular in India and with others elsewhere practising Yoga.

Gemo therapy uses various colored gems to cure sicknesses and for other astrological reasons, where these gems are selected from the colours radiated by the sun and Violet , indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red are these colours with specific solutions.

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