by K.G. Justin de Silva

Understanding Electro Magnetic effects in nature practically

With thundering and lightning we know that an electric spark passes from a cloud to the earth. It passes through the easiest and closest medium available. Many who have been using cell phones in open areas are recorded to have died in these instances of lightning.

See antimagnetic EM effect.

All water particles of the clouds are electrically charged and they together form a large electrical field. It has been experimented that electro magnets can divert water particles, some to the +ve ends and others to the negative ends.

Water which comprises 75% of our human system also

  1. Acts as a medium of bio chemical reactions,
  2. Helps absorption of bio chemicals
  3. A medium of transport of chemicals from and to cells .
  4. maintains body temperature
  5. Remove waste from our system as excreta, urine & Perspiration.

I could not still find any evidence or tests specifically made in connection with water in the above acts within the human system.

However we are aware that along with the movement of the moon relative to the earth, the tide of the sea varies. In the same manner the water contents in our human system too are attracted by the moon. It is observed that lunatics, or mental patients are affected with the lunar effects relative to the earth. Hence it is clear that the water levels in our body too are attracted by the gravity of moon during full moon days, while the lunatic’s mental modes are affected, mostly with anxiety and depression. Though such periodic observations of the brain waves of such people have not been recorded systematically, it may be a worthy cause to record it. The moon definitely varies our mind cum psychological modes with the phases of its movements.

However the older generations or our ancestors learnt to harvest agricultural fields with the different phases of the moon. They also observed that at full moon, certain harmful microbes rapidly increased in the barks and stems of plants and such days were avoided in harvesting. Probably they little knew that there is an electro magnetic effect in these observations.

Yet it is also observed that the electric eel (a fish) which lives in water uses a current to safeguard itself from its intruders. This electric charge is again developed with its brain waves . These are also called bio magnetic effects.

Plants are observed to have such self preventive systems and have not found to produce strong electro magnetic effects.

Perceptive effects of animals are found to be working with perceptory signals which are at times higher or lesser than the human perceptory abilities. These are the gifts of nature to live against harmful intrusions on life, shelter and foods. These are also called ultra magnetic effects in animals.

Similar effects of perceptions probably based on geo magnetic effects and Bio electro magnetism have helped animals and creatures to evade from catastrophic situations.


The water within our human system too contributes in producing bio magnetic effects in relation with the environment.

As the old saying is, drops of water one by one collects to make a river and river by river collects to make a sea. In the same manner the Electro magnetic effect of each single human as a unit builds up a vast electro magnetic effect in totality on the earth thus making a sea of electric magnetic waves.

It is these vast units of Bio electrical systems which make rain, as psychological intentions. The rituals made as collective loving intentions, I believe , act together to make a rain, for a harvest.

The Buddhist priests bless the masses with a Buddhist verse (Gatha) as a blessing:

Devo vassatu Kalena- Sassa sampatthi hetuca,
Pito Bavathu lokoca Raja Bhavatu Dhammika,

It means:

May there be rain in due course- May the crops be bountiful May the king be righteous- and may the country be prosperous.

It is a belief that if the king is righteous and dutiful the masses too will be blessed with good living. A king will not be righteous and dutiful if he is greedy and too attached to his sensual desires. I need not bring examples for this as it is evident in history and today.

All over the world , the red Indians, Sri Lankan population with veddas and old generations along with maori tribes in the South pacific, Aboriginies of Australia , Papuan tribes in PNG up to date, the Rabbi clans of Israel, Mayans, and Hindu priests even now, and many more still use various mythological methods to create rain. The reason how these become effective is not yet seriously studied still. But at a higher percentage it is found to be effective. These rituals need the moral and physical purity of the persons, who perform them and they also use certain ecological combinations for their performances.

For many hundreds of years in Sri Lanka the ritual of water cutting at the famous Dalada Maligawa (The temple of tooth relic), and the Kataragama Devala (The religious Hindu Temple for Deity Kataragama, The Saman Devale in Ratnapura are held by its devotees. It has been observed after each water cutting ceremony , that a rain fall is observed.

When there is a drought the Tooth relic of Lord Buddha in Kandy is taken out and worshipped, to find that the rain starts.

It has also been observed that at certain funeral ceremonies of pious people of any religion, the environment mourns with heavy rains. Around 1980 a Maori religious leader’s An Ariki) funeral was held in the midst of such an unusual rain.

It is my view that these are elctro magnetic cum geo gravitational effects connected with the mind.

At the time of Parinibbana of Lord Buddha, the earth had trembled while the animals and birds behaved as at a calamity , is written in Buddhist history. When Lord Jesus Christ on the cross was locked in a cave by the kings followers, the earth trembled, is noted in the bible.

Collective mind strength of billions of people in the world make a system of Geo Electro magnetic effect. Each nation or community in each country, control the weather patterns of their immediate regions.

Just imagine the reason why meat producing countries as food, suffer more calamities and or catastrophies , droughts, and floods. China, Japan, New Zealand (Christ Church), Australia, Western part of USA, and certain parts of India can be shown as these examples.

From the nomadic history, people who lived by hunting always found their territory getting suffered after certain periods. Their method was to vacate their area to find a new self sufficient location. Later they who were frustrated with nomadic lives, stopped hunting, and started agriculture and lived happily and successfully for many years.

Mohendajaro Harappa was such a territory, that prospered for nearly 3000 years. But as the morals of the communities were later lowered by lustful masses effected by sensual desires, droughts came in. The selfish rulers who were advised by priests to observe rituals with animal sacrifices suffered from bad to worse until the whole dynasty was ruined. ( Many historians conclude the fall of Mohenjadaro – Harappa was effected by moral degradation).

Collective intentions and loving thoughts of people to share life create rain, which is the main source of prosperous and fertile agricultural fields. These can be called a rain making psychological electro magnetic effects. In the reverse order, those communities, who are bent on sensual desires with lustful living , as a community can create an anti-rain magnetic force field. It is thenthe people experience droughts. Again I would say . facts are amply available for such a study.

Hence here I would stress the fact rains are received with good intentional living. (Kammana Vattathi Loko , meaning

The world is processed by Kamma(intentions).
Let us refer to the bible too.(www.ehow,com/facts)
God gives rain to the obedient.
Jeremiah 3:3

“Therefore the showers have been withholden, and there had been no latter rain,and there had been a whores forehead, thou refusedst to be ashamed”.

It explains that those who are lustful are responsible for no rains.

Genesis 9:14 ; “ God brings a cloud over the earth” Ezekial 34:26 “ And I will make them and the places round about any hill a blessing and I will cause the showers to down, in this season, there shall be showers of blessing”.

This advice was for the people who follow god, with moral ethics.

Though I have many more examples, I shall leave it for the researches of the readers) Please refer to Edgar Caycee too.

With Buddhism is available a most precious sermon by Lord Buddha called “Cakkavattisihanadasutta”

It goes on to explain that at the beginning of the human race people lived up to 80000 years, with skillful living. Skillful meaning correct approach to qualities of motherhood, fatherhood, contemplative hood, & Brahman hood, will be the ones who receive homage. Without skillful living there will be ravage between father , mother and children, families will be in disarray, and nations will be at arms against each other, because of greed.

The results will be reduction of age from 80000 years to 10 years and less. Only the ones who were not deluded and gone to woods to escape shall come back to lead lives with qualities of purity and strength.

“and what constitutes a monk’s beauty? There is the case a monk is virtuous. He dwells restrained in accordance with patimokka, consummate in his behaviour & sphere of activity. He trains himself having undertaken the training rules, seeing danger in the slightest faults. This constitutes a monk’s beauty.”

Although the above para was meant for a monk, a layman too at a lesser degree can give up greed to achieve longer life and beauty of life , in a healthy and wealthy world.


Those who wish to further read may find details in Cakkavattisutta/suttapitaka/Diganikaya

Referred to such degradation of life is shown in context with:Panchaniyama dharma and adharmaraga.

Pancaniyamadarma ,

Utu niyama Physical laws and seasonal laws (astronomical)
Cittaniyama laws in connection with mind and consciousness (Psychology)
Darma niyama Natural causal laws and spiritual laws
Kamma niyama Moral laws
Bija niyama Biological and hereditary laws with flora and fauna

The physical sphere comprised of qualities, Apo, tejo, vayo, patavi as explained before , and where we are part of it, are influenced by the above panca niyamana darma and we as part of it too can influence the seasonal weather patterns to cause rains , droughts, and other weather calamities.

The cause of such influence on the seasonal laws can clearly studied to be , “Adarma raga” meaning immoral lusts, & wanton greed. Greed and delusion been the cause of Adarama raga, will cause unnatural and sour human relations, while causing ecological imbalances. Adarma raga is also the cause of unnatural sexual behaviors such as lesbianism and homosexuality.

These said immoral qualities prevalent in degrading societies all over the world along with our immediate societies are experienced now.

The influence of such immoral qualities causing weather imbalances can be physically observable.

Note :Adarmaraga D 111 71Michchadarma DA 111 853

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