by K.G. Justin de Silva

Can Mind, Matter, Life energy be explained with electro magnetism

With Newtonian physics , later moving on to quantum mechanics , we are in a better position to understand matter in this physical world, while I confess that I am poor in understanding scholarly physics.

Quantum physics is said to deal with discrete indivisible units of energy called quanta, where quantum can be a wave or a particle.

It also explains that no two particles may occupy the same state.

Matter is also considered :

A bundle of stuff, atoms or electrons, now light rays and waves.

It is the potential for existence.

Matter considered as a particle is said to be considered as a particle and a wave at the same time.

Then again I read that the physical property of a particle is its electric charge. Electrically charged particles or matter is influenced by electro magnetism and produces electro magnetic fields.

I am pleased that I am reading matter as above also closely explained in Abhidamma.


Quantum electro dynamics is a field which explain interaction of electromagnetism and exchange of photons with respect to an electron.

Now let us get in to photosynthesis which is the process by which solar energy is converted to chemical energy for use in all life activities. Eg: Plants use light energy to produce glucose, which is then stored to be used later. The animals who consume these plants then store such energy for their carbohydrates and strength.

The conversion of energy from the sun by photosynthesis is reactive by photons. ( and many science organizations keep on researching with energies , photons and sun light.

Not to be dragged away, I would revert to the fact that we are totally dependant on the sun in storing energy within our system.

When plants convert sunlight through photosynthesis, it is consumed by many organisms (big and small), which then is consumed as plants and meat by the human society. Humans need not consume animal meat for energy. We are gifted with a system to eat plants and store our own energy. But greed for taste has directed humans to consume animal meat.

Animals living only with their senses make use of “greed” to find their nutrition. The excreted matter after consuming and digesting plants too are used by the earth to produce carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, ammonia and other important gasses. Urine is a basic and clear example of production of ammonia by organisms for the environment. All these are again recycled within the earth.

Gaseous cycles of the earth include nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and water. It is these gaseous cycles which keep the crust of the earth in balance along with the aquatic resources such as seas, rivers, well and ponds.

The earth from its inception over millions of years turned out plants aquatic as well as terrestrial. All these plants since then up to now absorbed energy from the sun converted these energies to suit the earth and distributed them over the earth.

Human organisms who consumed these plants, distributed them on various parts of the earth with migration.

In other words Sun light (which is also electro magnetic energy) as energy is converted through photosynthesis in plants. Millions of these plants, big and small, store all these energies as carbohydrates and glucose within the plants, which are consumed by various animals and other beings including humans on the earth. All these consumed matter transformed into energy is known as Bio energies, and is distributed on the earth as gaseous energies or becomes fertilizer which is useful for the growth of plants etc.

All Biological specimens which operate in the biosphere as microbes, birds, animals and humans together with aquatic living species are seen to be covered by an electro magnetic system. The electro magnetic fields over the earth connect and combine all these beings in the biosphere linking each other.

Birds, fishes and sheep and or herds of animals following their paths towards certain destinations are guided by electro magnetic fields within the earths sphere. The sunlight and sun energies reaching the earth too combine with this earths’ electro magnetic system supporting life on the earth.

It can be shown that all these said energies in the form of energy waves have been described in Abhidamma as “Arupavacara” worlds. The world as Arupavacara is the non visual flow of energy. The mind and conceptual thoughts (cetasikas) are the flow of energies (non visual) on this universe and the earth.

Arupavacara (energies that is non visual without a form) sphere can turn in to a Rupavacara sphere, say by photosynthesis becoming matter. As explained by quantum physics, sunlight, photons and matter can be specified by energy waves which transform one in to another and vice versa. Hence may I suggest that the Arupavacara world and the Rupavacara world are transforms of energy for the needs of this universe.

Lord Buddha as well as Lord Jesus Christ at various intervals of time exhibited to the common masses that mind energies by absolute concentration (Jana) can transform world energies in to water and or fire. Jesus Christ is said to have tamed thundering storms with his powers of concentration. Lord Buddha tamed a demon by creating a fire and then creating flowing water.

Though one may call these just myths, our ability to dream incidents precognatively, and the martial artists exhibiting control of their muscles to absorb thundering shots with irons are simple examples evident today. All these can if analysed be shown as transforms of Psycho Kinesis related by Electro magnetic strengths. How do people use the mind powers to fly objects like plates and knives etc. It can be shown to be mind energy lifting the plate with converted electro magnetic powers.

Many places of worship of Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Islam are found to cure sick with the powers available in these places. Many plead to gods with faith to cure fatal sicknesses including cancers. They have been successfully answered. Meditation for the cure of sicknesses such as cancer or other diseases are successful if properly done. The secret behind or underneath such psychological phenomena are electro magnetic activities connecting mind, and thoughts.…

Kirlean photos using auras of meditating personnel around fingers and the head is evidence that there is an electro magnetic effect which change before and after meditaton. Without a proper and systematic study by an institute to link mind energy, energy of matter, and universal energy I am in difficulty to explain this phenomena. But I feel I am not at a loss as Abhidamma (Buddhism) has explained this philosophically.

The world as explained before relates to three spheres :

Kamacanda sphere (Sensual world)
Rupavacara sphere (The World of forms)
Arupavacara sphere (The formless world)

The Sphere of Kamacanda explains that for a being the world comprises of sensual desires. (Nibbana is the state where there is no sensual desires),

We as beings live with six forms of sensual desires, where these are ear based (hearing) , nose based (smell), eye based (seeing) Tongue based (taste) and skin based ,tactile (touch) , mind based (conceptual).

These are sensual bases of a being say a human being.

An exterior object touches (phassa) one of these bases of the human being. Depending on the base a contact (vedana) takes place and a signal (sanna) is carried to the brain. With this signal (sanna) the brain uses its stored past memory to suggest the form (rupa) of this contact, with the psychological experiences (vinna)

The brain then depending on the past sensual experiences, decides how the identified object (Rupa or taste , colour, smell , sound or touch) could be used by this being. This is the stage of intention , or beginning of Karma formation.

(The above process from Phassa to vinnana, can be explained with quantum physics too while following the signals as electro waves.)

The intention depending on ones moral standard could be made use of. Say a hunter may decide to kill an animal on identifying the object as an animal. A person with noble moral qualities with loving kindness will not decide to kill this animal. But a greedy person for taste of flesh will kill it and consume the animal as food. It is the intention of killing or leaving the animal that will decide the resulting effect (Karma) of the decision. Even if one is hungry, if the animal is not killed and allowed to go free then the act will be wholesome (An act of Kusla). Such an act of killing will be unwholesome.(An act of Akusal)

As an animal is a need of the environment, as a natural resource to store energy from the sun, with life, the Karmic effect of killing will definitely affect the person with deformity or sickness and an after life in a lower sphere.

Similarly acts made to please sensual desires against nature will be karmically effective for punishment by nature. The Five precepts of Buddhism explain the wholesome (Kusal) acts which nourish nature or negates ill effects of nature. All actions safeguarding nature will be rewarded and all actions against nature will be punishable by nature. (Dhammo Bave Rakkati Dhammacari)

The Abhidamma explains that the cause of birth in a lower realm such as animal, peta, or naraka is by unwholesome acts, where unwholesome acts are based on the mental qualities arising out of Lobha(greed,) dosa (hatred) or Moha (delusion)

Now one may argue that animal world, peta or naraka is another world. We are able to see humans behaving like animals. Peta or living in conditions like in the hell, before being transferred in to these realms after death. Hence Peta, Naraka, or lower spheres of life may be on this earth and or outside this earth.

If you go to an institute looking after handicapped children such states of children are easily observable. (Though such institutes are known by me I do not wish to give them publicity out of mere sympathy).

Behaving like cats and dogs is a famous statement of teachers, when students are in disarray. Taken seriously this statement has a great philosophical meaning.

All these above said states are connected with life as the explained stages of Phassa, vedana, sanna, sankappa, and vinnana followed by another 47 psychological states.

The primary eight stages of mind elements as Passa , vedana, sanna, sankara, vinnana followed by another 3 steps of registering the rupa and intentions belong to the Rupavacara sphere. It clearly corresponds with the quantum theory of physics because a particle (Aura bundle of particles) rupa is treated either as a particle (Rupa) or a wave. It is up to the reader to think deep in this matter.

It is the life energy which drives the mental elements (citta and cetasika) in a being. While animals are guided in life only by their sensual feelings, human beings out of non-delution (or wisdom) can train their minds to follow reasoning of mind.

Here we must remember that when we consider our system as a Bio electro magnetic strength, the brain is guided by hormones and chemicals produced by sensual feelings. But especially with meditation, a human being can control the hormones and chemicals produced within our human system. The difference between an animal and a human being too lies at these levels of the brain functions. This fact is already shown to be true in the field of medicine and neurological studies.

The fields of study to explain the area of Bio magnetic fields using the electrical currents and impulses within the cells in various parts of the human system can be referred as ECG, EEG and related fields which are all used in the medical practice.


The connection of life and the mind is yet to be answered. The connection of life, consciousness and mind is completely answered with Paticcasamuppada (Abhidamma) also called dependant origination in Buddhism.

It is the never ending cycle in samsara (cycles of life becoming and rebecoming) until attachment ceases. Ceasing of attachment is the most difficult endeavor in life, and would be discussed later

Consciousness is a much argued subject as it is said to be universally connected. Those who believe in God refer to consciousness as the link of a being to God. The absolute stage of consciousness is said to be with God.

A Hindu devotee spends much of his time to attain the state of Lakshmi Yogic mind as it is the mind with loving kindness as of the goddess Lakshmi. It can be attained only with loving kindness and equanimity to all beings and nature.

(vingna) in Buddhism is a dependant condition.

Life is described as dependant on Consciousness Paticcasamuppada (dependant origination) is described as:
Because of Avijja ignorance(of noble morals) sankara (moral and immoral formations in the mind) originates
Because of sankara consciouness of re-becoming (vinnana) originates
Because of Vinnana mind and form (Nama –Rupa) originates
Because of Nama rupa Salayatana six senses (Salayatana) originates
Because of Salayatana contact and feeling (Phassa- vedana) originates
Because of vedana attachment (Tanha) originates
Because of Tanha re becoming (Bhava) originates
Because of Bhava birth (Jati) originates
Because of Jati ( birth) decay and death (Jara Marna) originates
And with Jara marana the dependant origination cycle continues until attachment is annihilated. Can there be a cycle without a link or a media is the question paused by materialists against the cycle dependant origination.

The answer is within the cycle itself.

Taking physical examples that the birds fly, and fish (salmon) swimming against the currents uphill, and herds of cattle and sheep and other animals consciously following destinations with the proof that the consciousness is linked by electro magnetism then we are aware that electro magnetism too can be applied to dependant origination. (one may call this unconventional Buddhism)

Vedana or feeling is with the brain and the mind and is linked with the impulses and nerves of the human system. The link of feeling with electro magnetic fields also have been well experimented and proved by medical science.

After re becoming we live with a physical body of material nature and qualities called Apo (cohesion and fluidity)) Tejo (heat or temperature) Vayo (air and vibrations) Patavi ( inertia or hardness and softness) , all of which are totally connected to electro magnetic energy or forces. Then there is sufficient proof to link dependant origination to be within the system of electro magnetic field.

The fact that the centre of the earth is a base of a large magnetized field (proved by laplace and other astronomers) I have no hesitation to suggest that all beings , experiencing dependant origination are entities and parts of this electro magnetic system.

Each being is driven by life energy to collect energy from the sun and universe, as a duty. Those who do not misuse the resources of nature are well within their duty, and is looked after by nature. (Dhamma Hawe Dhammo rakkati) It is said that those who look after Dharma (nature) will be looked after by nature.

Just imagine that if a single being collects X units of energy from space to be stored in the earth, then 9 billion people will store that much units of energy for the earth. The Electro magnetic device of the universe and the earth is designed to correct a large discrepancy in the nature of the universe. As earthly beings we are made to look after the earth. The only principle of harnessing nature and correcting the earth is addressed by the five precepts as laid in Buddhism or the ten commandments (Christianity) which bear almost the same meaning.

If we use the six senses (salayatana) only as signals to identify security of life ,communication and then to find nutrition we are well within our duties to correct that error unknown to us within the universe.

But however if we are mislead to find the six senses as a pleasurable means of enjoyment then we are badly misled from our real target. Those who go stray from this real target of looking after nature, will be used by nature to suffer, but to look after the earth and universe while suffering. (Eg: realms of peta, and lower beings) The beings as animals and peta and in the sphere of naraka are used by the universe to meet its own purpose. (Kammana Vattathi Paja Karma processes the beings : Rohitassa Suttra.)

The criteria of been born in a higher sphere or lower sphere is our own responsibility performed as wholesome or unwholesome Karma.

Hence I would wish to re state that we are responsible of processing the earth and hence the universe. The universe and the earth with other planets are proved by science to be connected by an electro magnetic field. Our immediate field is the geo electro magnetic field.

Those who are morally wholesome by noble morality (explained later) will reach higher spheres to have lesser suffering and longer lives in higher spheres.

These higher spheres are explained as Arupavacara meaning formless lives in a formless world.

It is up to the unconventional Buddhist scientist to find out what this sphere is in link with the electro magnetic spheres.

Here we are again lead to the idea that only beings with wholesome acts (Kusal) can bring this world as a better place to live.

Those who wish to have pleasure by leading pleasurable lives , with tasty meat (made by killing fish and animals) along with satisfying senses with alcohol, drugs and smoke with purposeless enjoyment are the greedy lot mentioned to destroy this earth while destroying the well being of the masses of the natural earth.

I believe I have touched sufficiently to describe that it is the beings who process this world positively and negatively. We are also within an electro magnetic system uniting all beings and we cannot escape the punishments of nature for negative action, as nature is designed to correct the path of the universe. Those who go against this path should be ready to suffer.

The path explained by lord Buddha to go along with the system of the universe is the eightfold path. (Arya ashtangika Margaya) and the sermons of other prophets is not different from their paths of life for a peaceful life.Hence I shall discuss this eightfold path.

The Paticcasamuppada mentioned above is one of the most ingenious revelations of lord budda about the beings on the earth and perhaps of beings living (if found) in the cosmos.

No being (human , deva , asura , brahma or animal or lower realm being) is aware when its life as a being started. It may be many many millions in the past. Beings are a part of the world systems which cannot be scientifically described in separation with the rest of the energies.

With Paticaa samuppada Lord budda with his wisdom (praana) separated a being in to two main parts. Nama been mind and consciousness and rupa been terrestrial components (maha butha) as apo, tejo, vayo, patavi & akasa. Our cells (termed kalapa) of the body is described as consisting of these physico chemico values of energy which can be also termed apo (friction or density or surface tension), tejo (heat, temperature or radiation) , vayo (air or fluidity), patavi (inertia) & akasa (space).

These energies are convertible from one to the other within our physical system, and these conversions are made with mind and consciousness named nama.

In mula paryaya sutta lord budda (the blessed one )said “ Monks, I will teach you the sequence of the root of all phenomena.

‘There is the case , monks, where an uninstructed run off the –mill person has no regard for noble ones, or not well verse d or disciciplined in Dhamma. Perceives earth as earth .

Perceivini earth as earth , he conceives (things) about earth.He conceives things coming out of earth,, He conceives earth as ‘mine’, He delights in earth.Why is that , because he has not comprehended it, I tell you. ‘ He perceives fire as fire, wind as wind, beings as beings, gods as gods, Pajapati as Pajapati, Brahma as Brahma, The luminous gods as luminous gods, …………., The dimension of nothingnessas the dimension of nothingness,the dimension of neither perception nor non perception, as the dimension of nothingness……………….

The seen as the seen ….. the heard as the heard , the sensed as te sensed ………. The cognized as the cognized… singleness as singleness… multiplicity as multiplicity… The all as the all..

He perceives unbinding as unbinding ,Perceiving unbinding as unbinding, He conceives things coming

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