by K.G. Justin de Silva

Other areas of Universal vibrations & beings

In this book so far only matters related to Buddhism and Karma with so called vibrations were discussed.

But texts related with Hinduism, and Vedas is practiced mainly in India and the Hindu religious society. At the same time the Buddhist society mainly in Sri Lanka who also partly believe in Hindu deities, practice Hindu rituals as a means of relieving stresses and obtaining favours from non visual deities.

For example, all Buddhists make vows and also visit the Kataragama Devalaya, (located at South east of Sri Lanka) to get better virtues in health and wealth. God Kataragama is worshipped by Hindus as well as Buddhists with a great veneration. Festivals held annually at Kataragama, just as in Hindu Kovils of South India are held at a large scale. Fire walking with “Water cutting ceremony” and a procession to venerate God Kataragama is never missed by many in very large numbers. Along with the God Kataragama in the premises of the Kovil, other deities such as Vishnu, Shiva and Hanuman related to Hinduism are worshipped with their statues made under different housings.

Very close to the Kataragama Kovil is found the “Kiri Vehera” with a large Pagoda or Stupa enclosing the relics of Lord Buddha. All Buddhists who visit Kataragama Kovil, visit and worship the “Kiri Vehera” as a first obligation giving priority to Buddhsit worship.

The purpose of this chapter is to express that Buddhists, and also some of Moslem population, practice Hindu related activities, as of the practical benefits experienced by doing so. I believe that the success of Hindu related activities practiced and experienced by non Hindus can only be explained by Animal magnetism and electro magnetic related vibrations related with our daily lives.

Both Hindu religious society and the orthodox Buddhist society make a common approach to meditation.

Meditation is not discussed in this book as a separate subject. Hence if I may, let me explain meditation as two fold, one been Ana Pana sathi (mindfulness in breathing ) and the second been Vipassana Meditation (Transcendental meditation with meditation using the physical body, and subjects as earth, fire, water, space or akasa, ).

Though Ana Pana (Breathing) meditation mainly soothes and develops concentration, Vipassana meditation tunes up the mind to concentrate on a single subject, while elevating mindfulness about our own sensations and feelings.

As meditation is in process, the “Chakra”s explained in the Hindu texts explain the mind bases during meditation. It is interesting to note that the Chakras are said to be the mind bases during meditation, and the electro magnetic vibrations surrounding us link with our body with the immediate environment through these “Chakras” or the mind bases as nerve centres.

With the contact of the correct vibrations (Electro magnetic) from the environment , or from the universe, and fixing this vibration to flow from a single chakra located on our body, people are found to experience to relieve tension , and to find relief from many sicknesses and diseases.

These Chakras are also linked with colors. For clarity I shall lay them down in a tabular form.

Name of

Position on
the body
Pelvic plexus




Wisdom &


Aorta PlexusLiver, Kidney, Uterus




Solar plexus, Stomach, Liver


Liver conditions


Cardiac plexus




Celvic plexus




Optic Chiasma




Limbic Area Crown of head


Integration , mass consciousness

Karnatik or Indian Music is said to relieve sicknesses with the vibrating effects of its specialized music based with CHAKRA, which vibrations are identified as alpha, Gamma, Theta or Delta waves.

Indian Music is based on 72 different musical schemes called Raga of Music. It is based on combination of musical notes of Music. A combination of mixing different notes is called a Raga,

Each “Raga” has its special vibrative effect, and is scientifically quantified and analysed by acoustic engineers.

Each of the Chakra mentioned above is linked to these Musical melodies and or “Raga”

The link of each Raga with “Chakra” is as follows.

Chakra Raga
Muladara Kalyan, Hansdwani
Swadhisthan Gujri Todi
Nabhi Abhogi, Bhimpala
Anhat Bhairavi, Dhurga, Chakra Vahini
Visuddhi Jayjaywanthi, Desh
Agnya Bhup, Bageshri
Sahasra Darbari, Bhairavi

Further more, Indian astrology also link each chakra and colour with the planets in the Solar system. The gravity pull between each planet along with the earth is linked with the vibrative electro magnetic effect that link each living being, as a system.

The texts explain the link between chakra, planet and colour as follows.

Chakra Planet and Colour
Muladara Mars : (Red)
Swadhisthan Mercury (orange)
Nabhi Jupiter  (Yellow)
Anhat Venus   ( Green)
Visuddhi Saturn   (Blue)
Agnya Sun (Indigi)
Sahasra Moon ( Violet)

Musical Raga (See Karnatic Music) effects on beings and the Chakra in Hindu meditation are clear examples that there is a visual vibrative effect and an environmental based color effect on beings that can be explained. The basis of this explanation is surely electro magnetic effects on nerves and the brain.

We are also able to identify the reason of links, between planets, color, our behaviour (from Chakra) and the mental states of beings, along with the astrological bearings on beings as laid with astrological principles. Though I wish to further explanations related it may be beyond the expectations of this book.

With proper intentions we can make use of surrounding electro magnetic vibrations which is always around us, though unseen or unfelt by beings, for better living. (This comes under “Citta Niyama” in Panca Niyama Dharma).

The sun is the centre of life energy on the earth. The rays of the sun revives life energy, and has been evidently observed. As an example many microbes, or organisms and living cells were observed to perish without sunlight. Akhenaton, the famous spiritual leader (Former King of Egypt-1000 BC) has said in his versus that sun originates life. Revival of Plants in mornings and the green effects revived by sun are examples of life energy from the sun. Hence we can confirm that the rays of the sun , in the form of electro magnetic waves, reaches the earth as life energy.

Secondly we observe that the gravity of the moon, affects the thought waves, as it is observed that lunatics behave differently with the influence of the moon. This is another instance that another form of energy vibrates the energy affecting thoughts. At the same time experiments has shown that thoughts can be recorded as alpha, gamma , beta or theta waves confirmed by graphical recordings..

Thirdly medical apparatus, (ECG, CT Scans, Pet scans) which record blood pressure, diabetic measurements, and measurements on heart beat and other physical activities are made by converting the energies related to our bodily functions into electro magnetic waves.

Hence it is my observation, that the rays from the sun as life energy (Jivitendriya) and the effect of the lunar gravitation which reach the earth as the mind energy (Manendriya) and the energic force from the gravity of the earth (Loka Dhatu) unite to make a being. May I call this a triangle of force arising from the Jivitendriya, Manendriya and the gravitational energy for physical formation of Wind, earth, fire, water (Apo, Tejo, vayo ,Patavi)

Graphical representation of the above explanation relating Manedriya, Jivitendriya, Loka Dhatu (Physical properties of the earth) can be realized as shown below.

The formation of a being could be the equilibrium and the resultant of the three forces., Life force energy, Jivitendriya Mind force energy (Manendriya), Loka Dhatu or gravitatational energy (Panca Maha Bhuta).

It can also be the Arupa worlds which was explained before.

A being is said to be conditioned on this earth by Pancha Niyama Dharma.
Pancha niyama Dharma, as the five laws conditioning the existence of a being too can be explained by the above diagram.

(Note: Panca Niyama Dharma

Utu Niama : Physical laws
Bija Niyama : Hereditary laws
Citta Niyama : Pyychological laws
Kamma Niyama : Law of volition or cause and effect of intentions
Dhamma Niyama: Law of causations (mind and physical causations)

NamaEnergy Jivtendriya (Life force)
Akasa energy Nama (Non visual mind energy)


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