by K.G. Justin de Silva

Living Matter

Getting back to the three fields which encircle the earth which are the force of Life (Jivitendriya), the force of mind (Nama) and the gravitational forces (Force of Rupa).

The forces are inter related and mixed. They form separate triangles of forces. These are not alone but is linked to universal energies through the force of Jivitendriya. In such a pattern , minute particles of atoms are formed, which too act as rotating planets and link together to form living cells. It is the organic molecules formed out of these atoms which form living cells.

These primary living cells are known to us as unicellular organisms extending up to multi-cellular bodies which are identified as beings or organisms. And of course these organisms are formed for the manifestation of energy, to protect the earth and from there extending to the solar system and the universe.

These organisms are identified by us as micro organisms and or bacteria, which extend up to fishes, birds, reptiles, four legged animals and two legged creatures and human beings. Various intellectuals such as Darwin with the Theory of Darwin and many anthropologists have declared with their studies that it is the first unicellular organisms which developed through various stages from fish to reptiles and then animals up to apes and finally the human beings. ( I leave it to the reader to study such development as it a another complex subject)

It is important to identify that we human beings up to now were developed through many millions of years. The fact that we were subjected to the principle of Pancha Niyama (Utu Niyama, Citta Niyama, Bija Niyama, Karma Niyama, and Dhamma Niyama), cannot be waved off. Citta Niyama kept beings to survive through the past , with many catastropies , and calamities and turmoils that turned the living conditions of the environment which was Utu Niyama, against beings.

The physical conditions that is holding a being is identified by Ayurvedic texts (written by Rishis), as Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata is Vayo energy supported

Kapha is Patavi plus Apo enrgy

Pitta is Tejo energy.

Energy of Nama (mind) or Manendriya keeps the above named energies together to keep the Vata, pitta and Kapha energies together in balance and these energies in balance to retain the jivitendriya energy as life energy and in this manner we find an active being.

The being in action sleeps, eats, sits and walks, thus ensuring manifestation of energy on the earth.

The above main four actions ensure security of life , nutrition and shelter of a being which is maintained by intentions of a being. Here the intentions of animals or lower beings are maintained by their sensual desires.

But Human beings are different with the ability to maintain living conditions by intentions of reasoning and hence they can identify the difference of hatred and loving kindness. Human beings also can share the resources available for nutrition and shelter for living. Humans also can regulate their manner of signaling by word of mouth by correct usage of signaling without harming others. All these are laid down in Pancha Sila as

Refraining from killing,
Refraining from stealing
Refraining from irregular use of sexual acts
Refraining from wrong use of words
Refraining from intoxicating matter and drinks.

I need not elaborate on these as it is common knowledge of all today and has been explained earlier.

On the other hand observing Pancha sila will help beings to maintain Vata, Pitta and Kapha and thus will help to maintain a healthy life. It is the intentions (Volition) that will guide a person to refrain from wrong acts.

A healthy being will be able to manifest the energy that is needed to maintain the earth. Healthy beings help to maintain the Carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle and correct oxygenation of matter on the earth, while maintaining the water balance of the earth.

Think of the result if Pancha sila and other disciplines over are not maintained. It will create droughts, floods, and other catastrophies and many examples to this effect, are available though not mentioned here. Such examples are available in plenty.(Eg: clearing forests killing animals use of toxic fertilisers being some).

Hence the term Kammana Vattathi Loko is justified again, that Karma processes the earth.

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