by K.G. Justin de Silva

Effects from alleviation of Environmental Pollution

It can be shown that the so called Alleviation of Environmental effects finally end up with verse effects undetected by the general public.

Today recycling of rubber , especially used tyres, have become projects to minimize environmental pollution. Yet these recycle processes create another environmental threat as emission of carbon powder to breathing air of beings along with sulphur dioxide. Threat of release of carbon powder in to air is minimized by setting up elevated kilns, while sulphur dioxide is arrested by mixing with water and taking away such effluent with water.

But it is little noticed by the public that sulphur dioxide in water formulated sulphurous and sulphuric acids. Such acids thinned in to soil is harmful to gracing animals and bacteria and microbes. The water particles escaping on to the sky with vapour comes down later as acid rains again creating worse effects untold and unseen effects in to the environment.

The latest that we hear of as broadcasted recently on CNN news is the plastic cells in washing powder. It was shown that in America itself 28000 tons of such powder is washed in to the sea creating a threat to marine insects and fish. The adverse effects from purifying stations of petroleum to manufacture purified petroleum though seen escaping to the sky again gets back to the populous environment and affects the human beings down to microbes thus causing severe environmental damages finally.

It also must be mentioned that studies made by vagan and vegetarian societies show that commercial farming of cows in large quantities especially in farming countries as NZ, USA, Canada etc are responsible in releasing Carbon dioxide exhaled by such cows.

Such industries with emission of Carbon dioxide are responsible in Global warming , thus heating the whole world along with arctic and Antarctic. Ice burgs being warmed is responsible for elevation of sea levels. There are many countries as atools of Cook Islands, Tahiti, Indoneasia, Japan (Islets), Phillipines and Maldives who are threatened as of its land levels with populations living on atolls with low land levels at times less than ten meters above sea level.

Other than the above effects from allevaiation of Pollution from Industries we are directly affected by the sellers in local markets in many countries.

As explained by these are the effects of actions by the cause of greed of commercial population of the world. What more can I show you other than the fishing population who are involved in using formaline and similar chemicals to preserve fish until they could sell it.

It was revealed recently in T.V.Programme (Sirasa) by a Medical practitioner that Bio degraders used from toilet cleansers had been used to preserve Jak fruit as fresh to be sold in the market.

The final effect of such uses along with agro chemicals are finally felt by many to be victimized with Kidney ailments thus causing real suffering un to the early death beds.

The word of Lord Buddha as shown in Vasetta Sutta is proved true as the world suffers from their own actions followed by sensual greed.

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