by K.G. Justin de Silva


While reading Buddhist texts, the term Kammana Vattathi Loko – Kammana Vattathi Paja Struck me as a very important fact , as it meant that the world is processed by Karma, along with the fact that the beings too are processed by Karma.

While further reading the two Sutras, Rohitassa Sutra and Rahulovada Sutra, the link of Apo, Tejo, Vayo, Akasa, Patavi and its manipulation by the force of Karma in life was made clear to me.

My practical knowledge, though not scholarly, in physics, chemistry, astronomy and biology helped me to understand such Dharma and explain this to others as I understood the same. My discussions of this matter with other knowledgeable people, confirmed that my convictions were correct.

In a short form : the facts that:

The earth and the beings are made of Physical qualities and elements,

And that the mind (Vingana) and such physical qualities are inter related,

And the fact that such relationship occurs by the energy of the sun and the energies and forces created by the orbiting power of the sun, earth, moon and all planets is realized and explained.

It is also mentioned here that such energies and forces can be explained as electro magnetic energies, which later is transformed in to electrical, and bio related energies.

The fact that the relationship of the mind and the human physical body too is a non visual electro magnetic field can be well experienced and seen. Such examples are amply available in the natural worlds of loitering cattle, migrating birds, and seasonal behaviors of fish. The formation of herds of cattle, sheep and flocks of migrating birds along with groups of varieties of fish in the seas is ample evidence that nature provides set patterns in to the world of aquatic and terrestrial beings. Studies ultimately made by scholars have made it clear that the reasons for such natural formations are electro magnetic fields. The minds of such beings too are connected by electro magnetic fields for coordination.

The advanced researches of medicine has given clear evidence that electro magnetic fields are in association with the Bio systems of human beings and is made use to cure sicknesses. At the same time meditation, associated with the minds of the people , have been used to cure sicknesses and is well recorded. Mesmerism in association with psychiatry helps to relieve people from mental disorders and is associated with electro magnetic effects.

Psycho kinesis related with human beings are well studied by para psychology and is explained at academic levels. Telepathy and precognitive thinking and dreams proved to have come to reality and links of mind between humans and animals can be only explained by electro magnetic forms of energies.

The above are certain fields associated within the world that we live in and experienced by us, locally and globally.

Lord Buddha had explained two thousand six hundred years ago that the beings and the world (earth) are made physically with same matter and qualities named “Apo tejo, vayo, Patavi” together called Rupa. He also had explained that such beings are connected with the mind with a non visual form of energy named “ nama”. Nama and Rupa function together and works together linked by a third form of energy called “Jivitendriya” , Life energy.

The energies, Nama, Rupa and Jivitendriya happens to be ever changing field forces in unison to form beings. All such beings from unicellular to multicellular cling to the earth , with a bond of clinging to sensual desires. This ever changing nature of the energies, was well explained by Lord Buddha, in the Anatta Lakkana Sutta, as Anicca, Dukka and Anatma. (Lord Buddhas first Sermon –Samyutta Nikaya- to his first five disciples).

The Buddhist texts explain that this world comprises of beings ( Organically made visual beings, and non visual beings) who operate with a mind. All these beings have intentions which vary depending on the moral qualities of the mind. Animistic beings have always minds guided by greed and lust as their minds are deluded, and lives by senses. Human beings are the only type of beings who can analyse and control their own thoughts and hence develop morality.

All beings contribute to the process of the earth by consuming foods, digesting and producing gasses and matter that is essential to this earth. However the re becoming of beings (Life and rebirth) is decided by intentions of beings. The beings continue with a re becoming for many millions years, in a period called “samsara”. You and I would have lived through this samsara and would live another many millions. This is a complex system which cannot be analysed by a normal human, except for an Arhant or a prophet. One cannot be an arhant ( a being with absolute pure mind) who will not re-become, without giving up greed, lust, and attachments to sensual world.

Hence an arhant who will not re become (reborn) will not be affected by the electro magnetic effects that is functioning in the world,. This is another matter which cannot be explained by a layman, as it is so complex, but can have an idea of what it is.

The beings whose intentions are morally wholesome, contribute to the good weather patterns that help the living of people. And those whose intentions are morally negative makes a world of drought and other catastrophies. This is an area to be analysed by the general masses.

The term,
Kammana vattathi Loko, Kammana Vattathi Paja as appearing in Soratassa Sutta , clearly indicates that the earth and beings are processed by Kamma ( good and bad intentions) of living beings on this earth.

This earth and all beings (Peta, Deva , animals and humans) are nothing but forms of electro magnetic vibrations active in a process in this universe, that contribute to the cosmic balance of the universe.

Finally those who have attained nirvana are not subject to the ever changing forms of energies in the universe. Others are subject to the non ending changes from moment to moment which is called Anicca, leading to suffering.

The path to attaining nirvana is known as Noble Eight fold path founded as “Arya Ashtangika Margaya”.

Arya ashtangika Margaya is explained as two fold, with one for worldly laymen, as “Loukika” and the other for the ones who attains the states of sovan , sakadagami, Anagami and Arhat as Lokottara. It is a complex matter explaining this difference. One may find this difference in Buddhist texts.

The only way to understand, develop and attain the state of a non attached mind, also called absolute mind is following this eight fold path, with or without understanding. I would call it similar to riding a bicycle, or swimming.

The only way to ride a bicycle is to ride it until perfection. Similarly the only way to attain nirvana with its preliminary stages is to practise the eight fold path. Walking along the eightfold path, one will finally attain the results, as stages of Sotapanna (Once returner), Anagami (Non returner), Sakurdagami and Arhant.

The beings who are changing vibrant forces will reach a non changing state called Nirvana with proper Noble eight fold path.

May all beings be the processors of a perfect world.

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