by K.G. Justin de Silva


  • Introduction
  • A preface
  • A Preamble
  • Astronomy per Buddhism
  • Astronomy
  • Planet earth and beings
  • Buddhism
  • Nature, mind and Forces
  • Buddhsim & Mind
  • Thoughts and the forces of nature
  • Humans, Moral conduct and Cessation of craving
  • Summary


The Author of this Book has travelled widely on the globe and has lived with multinationals.

He has used his experience to study the truth behind noble morality.

The Author takes the reader on a scientific expedition, to explain the value of Noble Morality.

The need to examine the truth of religions was emphasized by Lord Buddha himself , as also advised to the Kalamas. The importance of such investigation has never been more important as is now. The revelations from the world of science has lead many to believe that religion is not an answer to the questions of the masses of the world. I must confess that I too at one time was deceived by materialism.

Nevertheless my education in a catholic school and my environment at home in a Buddhist atmosphere provided me with sufficient data to answer the queries that arose within myself. One of the major questions that lingered with me was regarding the moral disciplines that a religionist had to follow. I found that there are many others confronted by the same questions.

As time passed on , with maturity I had the opportunity to study major religions on a comparative basis. My desire to study the reasons for a need of moral discipline by the humans was followed with periods devoted to meditation , serious debates with not only atheists but also some missionaries of various religious sects. Aided by the knowledge of some major religions I was able to understand the need of morality , through Buddhism.

As I am more acquainted with Buddhism.

This book, I believe, will be useful to those who are trained to think on scientific terms, while answering many questions and explaining the the importance of moral discipline.

With my past experiences in religious studies I could best explain events in the context of discipline and morality in life with Buddhism and science. Hence this Book is termed Morality through a Telescope.


This book is dedicated to all parents including mine, for their sacrifice of pleasures to make the world a suitable place for their next generations.

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